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vegan shoes for achey feet please!?

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so i work on my feet bartending about 45-50 hrs/week. ive been doing this for about a decade and never encountered any foot problems. maybe im just getting old, but my feet are EFFING KILLING ME!!!!! every day i leave work in a ridiculous amount of pain almost limping. Now, i've always worn this payless shoe made for restaurant workers because theyre cheap, non-slip, pretty comfy, and not leather. but they are not cutting it anymore and my coworkers are telling me that ive messed up my feet in this industry by wearing cheapo shoes for so long. maybe so. but the shoes all being reccomended to me are all leather. danskos, birkenstocks etc. i needneedNEED a good pair of shoes that will alow me to stand for 12 hours a day without the pain. any ideas would be much appreciated.


{edit} i dont know how i posted this in this section.....sorry. im gonna repost in the appropriate section now.

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I think i remember the dansko outlet store on broadway had a couple poly felt shoes last summer, it's between 15th and like 21st.


I found some decent pleather ones at one of the outlet stores in troutdale, but that was over a year ago, i haven't rly looked there since... it's the one in the middle of the strip, not footwhorehouse or whatever that other one is called.

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