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Here are some before photos. Not really sure what poses are preferred, but I figured these were suitable. As you can see, I'm a bit overweight. I carry most of my weight in my lower body. I'm about 5'6" and weigh... more than I'd like to. I try not to worry too much about a number, though, because I do have a decent amount of muscle hiding beneath the flub. I finished Navy boot camp in January and then went to a special forces "a" school, which got me pretty fit, but then I got really depressed and stopped working out/eating well and gained some weight. I'm starting P90X tomorrow and I'm taking volleyball (an hour and a half, twice a week) in college, so that plus this fancy new vegan diet should equal success for me! I've got my lovely boyfriend for support (he's vegan, too), and I'm sure everyone here will be supportive, too.




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Yeah, I'm brand new to veganism! I had been a vegetarian for about a year and decided to go vegan. So far, so good!


My boyfriend doesn't really play any sports, but he's interested in bodybuilding and starting to get into it again. He was sick for a while and now he's trying to make some gains and put some size on. I'm trying to do the opposite! Well, for now, at least. Someday, in the distant future, I'll start worrying about increasing my size. Not anytime soon, though!

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