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any fighters? muay thai? boxing? wresting? etc...

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Interesting BG.


I did go for aikido for a few months.. learnt some basics of falling, rolling, and how the joint and center of gravity manipulation can actually throw a person off. Interesting. Ofcours, never got to really spend time on it or anything else.


Saw Capoiera once and was fascinated by it.

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I have a background in american Kenpo and am currently studying Aikido, ju-jitsu, ken-jitsu, and Atemi arnis under Grandmaster Dr. Philip Chenique.

I've always wanted to try Capoeira, though.

In addition to martial arts I go into very deep meditation.

I've been somewhat able to channel my body's energy into my attacks (Kundalini, chi (or ki), etc) and I'm getting better at it every day. I warn those who want to try it: it takes a long time to train your body to do this. For those who open there chakras, if done wrong you can create an imbalance in your body.

In short, meditation really helps when done right. If abused or done wrong. You can really mess yourself up.



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