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Calling all ectomorph bulkers

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I consider myself to be mostly Ectomorph. I am looking right now to pack on a total of 20 - 30 lbs before I start cutting. I started over 6 weeks ago at 155 I am 6'0" I was going pretty well with the gains at about 1.5 lbs a week. However the past 2 weeks I seem to not be gaining nearly anything. I fluctuate up and down between a 161 and 159. I am eating a net calorie of around 3600. This week I am gonna kick that up to around 4000 - 4200 and see where that gets me. I train 5 - 6 days per week. I do rarely any cardio at all if I do its for 10 to 15 mins maybe 100 calories burned off. However I do have a high metabolism and I do work outside some days which I know burns a hell of a lot of calories. Am I not eating enough? I can tell you that I am not hungry at all I eat 7 - 8 times a day 6 of the meals are solid food and one meal is a shake. I just feel like I should be seeing more weight being put on.


So what I am wondering is if there is others out there that have gone through this and have any tips that I am not thinking of. And in addition to that since I am mostly Ectomorph should I workout more (sets and exercises) to keep my muscle growing. I am not looking to compete anytime in the near future if ever but I would like to have the body of somebody who does. I have noticed great changes in the past couple of weeks but I just want to know if I am on the right track and what kind of time line I can realistically expect with this weight gain.


As far as my training goes I break my workouts into 6 days right now 2 days for legs/shoulder, 2 days for chest/back, 2 days for biceps/triceps. The majority of my workouts are based on compound exercises with very few isolation (isolation is nearly all for the biceps/triceps). I train anywhere from 2 - 3 exercises for each muscle group 1 day of the muscle group training per week is geared toward low sets, higher rep, maximum weight to finish out all sets. The other day of the muscle group training is for high sets, lower rep, high volume.


So any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Calling all ectomorphs


I answer the call,I am an ectomorph.


When I joined this forum,the first thing I learned is the importance of consistency.


The second I learned now,I think I need a lot of lifts,I do the first 56*7,the second set I have more performance and I do 58*6,

this is because I think I need train strenght.


The first times,a lot of consistency,and lifts


I can wrong....but you called the ectomorphs

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Nobody can really tell you how to train. But I'll give you some ideas.


Since you're ecto, you probably wont store much fat, so 4k a day won't hurt you. I'd try it.


Also, maybe cut down the days to 4-5 a week, and concentrate on intensity and shorter workouts, not so much more sets.

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Yes, ectomorphs need their rest. Train about 3-4 days a week. When you're resting is when your body is growing the muscle. On those days you wanna take it easy, and eat as much as you can.

It may seem weird only working out for 3-4 days a week, no more than 40 minutes a workout, but I've seen results by doing it. My workouts used to be an hour long, and all I did was get leaner.


For ectomorphs, it seems less is more.. Except when it comes to eating


I really enjoy the bulking process.. I can eat a whole pizza and not feel guilty about it haha!


Ooh also, focus on compounds as much as you can, and lift heavy for lower reps. 6-8 or less should be good.

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Thanks for the info.


I can try to structure my workouts toward a 4 day a week training. Not really sure how that is gonna work out though. However as of right now I am only working out for a maximum of 40 mins. I can easily cut down to 5 days by only doing one day of legs. Good to know that the 4k won't bother me much. Thanks again for the tips and I'll see how it all works out.

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If i was a ecto like you and wanted to gain, I'd eat, eat, eat, eat, lift hard and heavy ( don't over train though) plenty of sleep and rest. Some cardio but don't over do it. Eat huge but clean, Good clean Carbs should make up the majority of the diet along with healthy fat and proteins and i would say i going to eat this and that's it. If you get to 4k for the day and your still not too full eat again later.


I'm glad i have my body type, kinda of a endo but with some charistics of the other two. I'm 6 foot a little over 200 and extremely active and continue to build on muscle on 3K a day. once i get down to 185 or so i'll be shredded and will probably eat all i care for, but the same nutritional approch as now just more

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I want remember you,is true rest is good,BUT beginners needs less rest,also ectomorphs.

You must add rest days when you become stronger.


Be consistent also if you are ectomorph,and gradual.


You need frequency and lifts to adapt you,is neurologic.



EDIT:The nice title of your topic now is my sign

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I'm in a similar situation to you, 6ft, started at 152lbs, ecto. I'm 12 weeks in now. I started the stronglifts program at the same time (3 workouts a week of compound exercises).

I've always aimed for 4000kcal, but prob closer to 3500kcal (eating 7/8 times a day). I've been adding weight steadily, about 1.5-2lbs/week. I'm upto 172-174lbs just now, and struggling to add weight now. I'm usually busy weekends and usually miss a few meals and can lose 1-2lbs, and then make it up during the week - I've learned through this that consistency is REALLY important. I can lose a pound or 2 by just getting lazy over 2 or 3 days (we're talking just 1/2 missed 'meals'), so I really need to try keeping on top of it.


I'm guessing when you boost the calories +500kcal this will fix your problem as long as you keep consistent.


Good luck

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