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Hello folks, I thought I'd take a moment to give a little info on myself....


I've been a vegan for about 8 years, since jr. high school. I started getting into lifting in high school, because I was very uncomfortable with how I looked... I was 5' 10'' and 125 lbs. You could see all my ribs, my arms were like toothpicks, and you could even see my pulse in my neck. I started working out in my basement to get healthy and to be more confident with how I looked. I put on 30 lbs since then, and am feeling much much better about myself. I'm a professional musician and being on stage and meeting bands for studio work, where I have to be confident and comfortable is much more easy now. Until recently, I didn't do a huge amount of working out, just enough to get where I am now. But now, I want to get cut and get a nice V-shape to my upper body, and work out and shape my legs a bit, which were always bigger than my upper body before I started working out. Anyway other than that, like I said I'm a musician, I have several degrees in North Indian Classical Music (not bad for a Irish/German/Polish guy!), and have done studio work on lead guitar and pedal steel. Thanks already to everyone here, all the help everyone gives to each other on here is really amazing. This is too long now, so thanks for reading all the b.s.



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