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Hey There! Form Portland!


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Hey all!


Been checking the site out for about a month now and have really enjoyed what I've seen. So thought I would join in.


I am vegan now and am pursuing a regimen for muscle gain and general fitness. I love learning about nutrition and over the years have found plant based diets are the way to go for health! Over the past five years or so I have done a lot of dietary experimentation, some "diets/lifestyles" I have undertaken have been:

- Almost every form of vegetarian; from lacto-ovo to pescatarian, and others.

- The Paleolithic diet (aka the caveman diet)

- SAD (or Standard American Diet)

- A raw diet WITH animal products (raw cheese, raw milk, raw fish... tho never any raw beef or chicken, etc)

- A raw Vegan diet

- ... and now a Vegan diet that is highly Raw but still with cooked foods


The Highly Raw, but not 100% Raw, vegan diet seems to be the best; at least for me. I feel my best on a vegan or Raw vegan diet, but have greater motivation to work out on just a vegan diet Vs. a Raw Vegan diet.


Anyway, I am here to learn and get, AS WELL AS GIVE, support from/to others. Hope to become friends with you all. Good luck on all your goals; you'll surely be hearing from me on mine!

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Well thanks everyone for the warm welcome!


Yea I hear that Portland is a good area to be Vegan... Ironically enough, I actually don't know any other vegans. So maybe I'll be able to meet a few I'd love to get together with some of the locals (aka people that don't think what I'm doing is crazy lol ) !

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