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Nubret fast repetitions video

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Two things are nice in this video.


1st the body of serge nubret at 70


2nd He is lifting fast,my idea instead was he lifts SLOW












at this link


He believed in the greates amount of work within a given time.

If this is true his workouts are not based on volume so much as we think.

OK,he does 8 sets of 12 for exercise,

but is possible his goal is not "only do more" but

"do more in the same time"...a little different.....




On the web also I read he says to train to failure in the first sets.

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Instead what I mean is,

serge nubret, in the video, use fast repetitions.


How is possibile?On the web I read he use slow repetisions.


It's like how some people say Mentzer used only Heavy Duty, then you'll hear that he barely used it himself. There's a lot of conflicting information on many different people - maybe Nubret did some slow training, and occasionally some faster rep training at times. I don't think that ANY pro bodybuilder only used one training style for either fast or slow reps for their entire career

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First of all this is my first post here on this forum.


And if you check out bodybuilding.com where Serge Nubret had an account and answered every question people had.


He trained fast as a cardio-workout and to get the pump. For instant doing 32 set of bicepcurl and then 32 tricep sets.


Ive been using the Serge Nubret-workout since christmas and its amazing.

No need for kardio do get the fat away, and no jointpain. Its a very very very good program for musclegrowth.





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