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Anyone else PUMPED about this book?


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Yeah dude!


I've been in touch with Gary V every few days or at least every week for weeks now! Just through Facebook or Twitter messages, but he totally rocks!


I was doing the motivational stuff that he's doing 2 years before I ever learned about him! He's much more successful of course, but we have a lot in common!


In fact...he inspired my friend Kevin, who inspired me to finally start The Robert Cheeke Show I had been wanting to start for years...now I'm nearly 50 episodes into it counting regular episodes and bonus episodes.


So awesome!


Glad you're PUMPED too!

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So much fun!


Just a few pics someone posted on facebook...mine are still on my camera/memory cards.....I have pics and tons of videos to post sometime









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Same with Crystal, Brandon, TravelingVegetarian, VeganEssentials, and others from the forum!


Gary is the real deal! I have about 10 more videos I filmed of him I need to upload....funny and inspirational stuff...I better get on it!


I'm about 30 videos behind with Robert Cheeke Show and other vids....just moved last two weeks, traveling like crazy, etc. ....and of course I've been CRUSHING IT!


So PUMPED a bunch of you appreciate Gary V!




(he references me in that video on the site about 1:35 or so into it)

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Seriously tell him I said hello!


I spent 2 days with him and he is super cool!


His online search engagement techniques and search.twitter strategies etc. led to me boosting my Vega sales like crazy and selling like 40 books in a single day many weeks before it's even out! It's all super fun, fulfilling and rewarding stuff too...so I'm having tons of fun, making a difference and enabling myself to be more successful to reach more people and much larger audiences with my message of veganism and inspiration.


It's awesome!


Give him a shout out from me for sure!

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I met Gary last night at his book signing in London. Over 120+ business suit types, plus scruffy little me. He fucking KILLED it and stressed the need for excellent customer service in the coming year and how "small town rules" will come into effect.


I'm pumped to start my new website very soon which everyone on here should be into!

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