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Who wants to go bouldering?


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Lately I've gotten into bouldering, which is small scale rock face climbing (to about 15 feet). If anyone is interested in bouldering, let's get together and hit up The Circuit Gym (http://www.thecircuitgym.com/). A day pass is $12 and shoes are $4 (if you don't have climbing shoes).

It's a great work out. I never knew I could feel ALL the muscles in my fingers and forearms, but after an hour bouldering I could. No experience is required, let's go!



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I'd totally be down to hit it up on a Saturday morning. Did you guys already go?


Hello! I haven't managed to get anyone out climbing yet. I sooooo (!!!!) wish I would have seen this Thurs when you posted it. Saturday was the last day of my month pass and I'm having knee surgery this Friday and won't be climbing for at least a month. Hopefully by the time I'm back in the swing of things this thread will be bustling with boulderers!


be well!

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