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hi from portland!


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hello! i'm ashley, i just happened randomly across this site and i'm kind of excited that something like this actually exists. i've been vegan since the beginning of this year, vegetarian for 11 years before that.

i just moved up to portland, oregon so of course i have my pick of vegan restaurants and the like, but i'm on a very tight budget and i've decided i want to gain some muscle and get rid of this extra body fat (especially in my belly, surprise surprise).


i do yoga 2-3 times a week, i run usually 3-4 times a week (between a half mile to a mile, i've been trying to up it slowly), and do some mild cardio/weight lifting in between. the only thing i'm NOT able to do, though i've been trying to incorporate them into my routine for about a year now, is push ups. for some reason i am just not building the upper body strength required for them and i don't know why!


so anyway i'd just like some advice on how to get off on the right foot for this: if and how i should change my routine, how much protein i need to be getting per day, etc. i hope i can meet some like minded people here, too. surprisingly, i've met only one other vegan in portland in the six months i've been here!

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Welcome Ashley!


Wow, one other vegan so far in Portland! I usually see 10 a day and I rarely leave my house


You should come to Vita Cafe on Wed night to meet up with me, my girlfriend Julia, my sister, and some other forum members.


We do Wednesday night meet-ups at Vita Cafe on NE 30th and Alberta 7:30PM.


There are tons of other places to meet up with Vegans around here:








You can see 1000-5000 vegans in less than 2 weeks at Portland VegFest! I'll be there and we'll have a Vegan Bodybuilding booth!




Come check it out!


Welcome aboard and check out the Portland section of this forum and throughout the forum you'll see many from PDX.



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Hey there!


I just joined in here too and am also from Portland (well technically I am in Vancouver, but same dif lol).


Your situation sounds similar to mine: Tight budget, want to gain muscle mass, and get cut and lower my fat content. I tried doing the gain mass AND the get cut thing at the same time... kinda worked but not really. So now I'm trying to bulk a little, then cut - hopefully that'll be better.


O, on the push up thing. Try using a deck of cards (maybe not a full deck in the beginning): Pick two exercises (ie push ups, and crunches), and assign each to a color (so say, push ups are all the red cards, and crunches are all the black cards). Then shuffle the cards, flip 'em over and start drawing. So a may draw a 3 of hearts; you do 3 push ups. Then you draw a 9 of spades; 9 crunches... etc. I usually have face cards as worth '10' and aces are '1' - but you can obviously do whatever. Hope that helps some.


Well I'm always down to meet local Veg'ns . So if it if your interested, look me up on face book @ http://www.facebook.com/mitch31

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