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Fish Oil Substitute for Rehab, Injury Recovery


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5. NSAIDs/pain relievers/cortisone injections will only help with the pain and not with healing. If your pain is this bad it may be a good idea to see a professional anyway.


Systemic anti-inflammatories such as fish oil are good to be taken anyway for overall health (and do not factor into this consideration). Systemic inflammation can hinder recovery because of poor blood flow to the tissue leading to poor tissue quality and slow healing. Thus, it is important to overall limit inflammation from dietary sources (too many carbohydrates), as well as take health systemic anti-inflammatories like omega-3s from fish oil.


The reason I advised against the above NSAIDs like ibuprofen other medicinal anti-inflammatories because once the healing process starts for the tendon with above modalities, there needs to be some inflammation to promote tissue quality improvement. Bombing yourself with too many may hinder this process as well as other gains associated with muscle growth/repair from workouts. You can read more about this on Kelly Starrett's blog.


Systemic anti-inflammaries tend to be not strong enough to interfere with normal health especially from natural sources like fish oil.


I do have Olive oil in my salad everyday.

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