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Cancer Survivor.. Turned Vegan.. Determined to Prevail


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Hello everyone, my name is Robert.


I am a 28 year old cancer surivior (1 yr) of Stage IIa Hodgkin's Lymphoma.


My wife and I both became strict vegans in Feb. 09.


I am 6ft tall and since Feb. I went from a size 40 waist at 242lbs to a size 34 @ 205lbs but I know I can do better.


I attempted to hit the gym hard once this year in late spring only to have a long term side effect of chemo knock me down. Horrible lower back pain in my L5/S1 lower lumbar. I have taken it easy since doing light exercise once or twice a week doing activities with friends.


Until recently my back pain has finally resided and I know now that I need to concentrate on making a plan to work out and build my body up slowly since I lost a good chunk of muscle mass during my treatment.


I want to be the healthiest cancer survivor ever and I have lots of questions. I have other "meat head" friends that don't believe my vegan diet is good for me and say I need meat for protien if I'm going to work out and body build again but I know that's not true.


Currently I only take MSM and Sunrider products NuPlus, Quinary, and Alpha 20C to suppliment my diet.


I know this time I need to take it slow to build myself up to avoid another joint or back injury but I can't wait to get back into the gym.


If there is anyone out there who has had to endure a similar experience I would appreciate all the advice I can get.


I start next week. Wish me luck.


- RK

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Why meat does not help cancer victims.


here is the first part


One thing that is extremely important is a reduction in the meat that you eat. If you’re eating huge amounts of meat to get your protein you should start reducing this immediately. Your pancreas produces pancreatic enzymes which are good for fighting cancer by making the cancer cell protective walls weak. Studies are showing now more and more the important role of eating whole foods and avoid the meat and dairy.


Cancer cells are coated with a protein lining. This protein lining can be in-penetrable to white blood cells. Leukocytes are white blood cells. Leukocytes are those soldier like cells in our bodies that come to our defenses when our system is under attack. Enzymes are responsible for breaking down proteins in our bodies, as well as for other processes. Enzymes are considered catalyst and are responsible for required for every chemical process in the body.


When cancer cells begin to proliferate in the body, the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin break down the protein lining of the cancer cells, which allows leukocytes to take over the bad cell. Thus, enzymes are crucial in our defenses against cancer.


.... so want to learn more do some research on how cancer walls are broken down by the human body. If your busy breaking down meat proteins which takes a lot of enzymes what is your body doing to fight the cancer...

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