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Intermittent fasting


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I am curious, too! *bump*


I have been trying this for about a week. I've done two fasted workout sessions, but did not supplement with BCAA or EAA. Mostly because I'm just jumping into this and I'm not sure I want to spend $30 on the powder at Whole Foods yet. Weighing my options on Amazon Prime, but any recommendations?


I am a huge overeater, so I like to think this can help me keep my food in check. Haven't figured out a specific meal plan, but I think I am eating the same amounts for lunch and dinner as usual, just skipping on breakfast (and I tend to eat pretty hearty, so hoping cutting that helps!). My goal is to digest a little better and hopefully lose some fat. I'm not sure how long it takes for me to get used to the fasting period or when I will "notice" results, but I feel a little leaner? Maybe that has more to do with me finally getting back on track after a few weeks away from the gym, but here's hoping.


I just broke my fast with lunch about an hour ago and was still very hungry after I ate, so grabbed a square bar for extra protein. Seemed to be the best option with the least sugar/calories and a substantial amount of protein to keep me full till dinner. I hope! I've got a green protein shake for sometime before dinner, too, but hoping I don't need it.

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I still practice it but for me it's simply a matter of lifestyle. When I eat too many calories I gain weight, IF or not. However, it's less hard (please notice I don't use the word "easier" because for me calorie restriction never was "easy") to control the calories when not having breakfast.

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