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From San Diego, California


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My name's Diana, and I'm 20 years old. I've been a vegan little over a year now, vegetarian for 4 years before that. My story with exercising is quite interesting:


I'm all for fitness and a good healthy life, I used to run and was also in track back in high school. But I'm telling you...EVERY TIME I run for about 2-3 months, my hamstring on my outer right thigh just gives up on me and I'm limping for about a month, bringing me down every time. It makes me even more sad knowing that I do see results within the 2-3rd month, and that's it! I'm ready for a change that will last my entire life, and not just for 3 months....


So it would be great to have a great site like this one to help me in my journey!


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