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I would say I wasted about 2 hours a week trying to configure and setup stuff on my PC's. Considering I make on average $100/hour, that comes out to over $20K over the life of a typical PC for me or $30K over the life of a Mac. Yeah, I don't think it is worth my time learning crap that should just work.


How on EARTH could that be possible? It takes me 20 minutes to setup a PC. Done. Forever. (though again, I do run a one click maintenance once a month that takes all over 5 minutes, including a defrag. )


You're worse than my grandparents.



I am guessing I use a computer more intensely than you.

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It's just unlikely. Also your phrasing was "I guess." Uncertainty. Taken into account you could lose 20,000 dollars over your life by using PC's, which will cost you on average a thousand dollars less a machine, I mean come on.


Buy yourself a Windows for dummies book and enjoy.


It's occurred to me though, that we've been talking about Windows systems too generically, but it doesn't seem like that matters much to your dislike of them. In fairness I've been using Windows 7 ever since the Beta comes out, so for the last 10 months I've had my opinion HEAVILY influenced in the positive. The difference between pre-XP and post is massive. Also the difference between any of their operating systems pre and post first service pack is massive. And again, Windows 7 is a tremendous leap forwards, the first operating system that I personally believe is superior to OSX.


I would love to know how you could waste so much time though. I really can't imagine.

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