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tell me what to eat??


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i would like to loose 20kg, in 20 weeks if i can do that.


and it would be cool doing it on a vegan diet(im vegetarian 16years now)


im planing to eat vegan 6 days a week all the food i do my self, i just go the a hare krishna tempel sundays and the use milk(so that one day a week ill eat that)


i dont find it hard to build on a vegetarian diet,i just yeat alot and pumping iron.

and find it hard to cut, there where i need help now??????? i fint if hard to make so food with low carb and lots protein(of couse i can eat fruit and soy protien powder, that ill do somew but i want so real food in my diet)


ill try to train 4-6 days a week 45 mins waights and after ill do cardio30-45 mins at everytraining day


so help me guys




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First of all the term low-carb is thrown around a lot, do you want to go on a ketogenic/real low carb diet or do you just want to cut out a bit of the carbs? When people want to cut I personally find it weird that they either do low-carb or low-fat since both carbs and fat has great effects on hunger control (on acute and one long-term).

20 kgs in 20 weeks is a whole lot of weight to loose and I do not think you can do it unless you are really overweight or if you're okay with loosing a lot of muscle. It's hard to give exact numbers but you should calculate how much calories you burn per day and then just create the calorie defecit needed (in your case it's a wee bit more than 1000 kcal per day since 1 kg of fatty tissue is around 7500 kcal).


If I were you I would eat a lot of these:

Legumes (beans, peas)

TVP (textured vegetable protein)

Protein powders


Berries (other fruit is okay but usually has a lot more calories)



I would limit:

Whole grains

Starchy veggies (potatoes, pumpkins etc)



Fruit (see berry note above)


I would totally cut:

Refined grains





Protein and veggies (essentially fibers) are key to keep hunger at minimum but as I said carbs and fat has their roles too. Except for protein powders I would avoid liquid calories like milks, smoothies, juices etc since they provide very little satiety.


Try to keep strict meal times (breakfast, lunch and dinner for example) if you can.


If you want more help please be more specific. Also, have a look around the forum and use the search function, a lot of people ask the same questions and the answers doesn't really change =)

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I agree with Johan. Avoiding carbs isn't always the best idea (though some swear that is is all that works for them, so I won't deny them that), since many things that are high in carbs, are high in fiber or resistant starch, which are both great tools to use for satiety and hunger control. Like Johan said, avoiding certain concentrated sources, such as sweet fruits and grains, is usually a better method. Melons are another type of low calorie fruit you can eat, if you enjoy them.


If your diet is low in carbs, unless you restrict them to the point of ketosis (which basically makes your body think you are fasting, thus killing hunger signals), your body thinks it isn't getting much food, and thus intensifies its hunger signals.


And fats help reduce snacking and tide you over until the next meal. Of course, you have to be careful with them, though.


I wouldn't recommend losing fat that fast. I lost 100 pounds in less than nine months, and with it, lots of muscle. My metabolism went down the crapper, and I had to eat a heavily restricted diet until I gained back some muscle and revved my metabolism up again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

thanks for advise, sorry i awanser late...


( i try to stay away from sugar,fruit,oile,avocado,pasta,rise)

i eat alot beans/lintels/tufu,all veggies ,some nuts ,some bread oat for breakfast(some times with soy milk/water)



i wassent thinking about avoiding carbs totaly, i was thinking about 30%protein60%carb10%fat.,.


i dont know if that i good plan? years ago since i was into the waight lifting alot. i dont know if that plan is still good????


i do that eat 6 times a day, try to get 25-35g protein every meal.(and just eat less that normal)


and i do 45min cardio now but slowly building it up to 60 minuts.


3 days a week i do bench, squat, deadlift .. all of em 5 times 5 and 5-6 days a week i do cardio..


sometimes in between i do some abs,calves and arms.


but i was thinking if i should do the 5 times 5 at all of the bench/dead/squat??? maybe more light??

my plan is to loose 20 kg..


im only use to lift waights, and iam quit strong. but damn running was hard been doing that all week.

first day i was dead after 3 min running now i can do 20minuts LOL

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i'm new here and this is a question on the same topic (?). i have been working out for a long time & love it but know i don't really eat "properly". i've been vegetarian for something like 30 years, vegan (mostly but not as strict about that) for more than 10. i'm looking to fuel my body better so i can be stronger and healthier and get more out of my workouts. i also do a lot of cardio! any suggestions about what to eat and re" amount of protein & calories, specifically for active women, would be much appreciated. i'm just really starting w/ protein supplements and am thinking about starting creatine, as constanty recommended by a friend. also, he's suggesting a protein supplement by gnc called xxx, which is soy but which has what i consider to be way too may calories (like 750 per 2 scoop 25 gram protein serving) whereas 1 i bought from trader joe's has about 120 calories per 25 gram protein serving. (sorry if this is too long and convoluted & thanks!)

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