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I've been lifting for about 3 years, and it is incredibly important to me. I came here because I recently realized that eating meat is not something that I am ok with continuing to do. I'm not sure I'm ready to jump right into being a vegan, but going from eating 200 grams of protein a day from animal sources to 0 has been kinda jarring, and I was hoping that spending time here would help me get away from the "You can't gain muscle without meat" attitudes that tend to thrive elsewhere.




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Thanks everyone I should probably say a little more about myself.


Eating meat for me was always (this is the best analogy to explain it that I can think of) like stealing from Walmart (one of my friends steals something every time he goes in there). My friend would say "They're just a huge corporation," or "They're evil and deserve it," or just "It's not like anyone suffers or anything." I might even kinda like one or two of his reasons, but that doesn't change the fact that he's taking something from someone else that doesn't belong to him. It's not right. I was the same way with eating meat. I knew that its wasn't right, but I could think of a million reasons to justify it because its what I wanted to do. Once I really forced myself to confront each reason, I started realizing none of them really held up to scrutiny. To be honest, I was kinda pissed .


I decided to look at this as a way for me to both do something morally right and a chance to start focusing on more than just protein in my diet. My problem is that I don't particularly like most non-meat foods. I always got enough protein, but my diet was pretty deficient in other nutrients. If it wasn't protein, I didn't eat it, and so I was probably on a low carb diet without even trying, which then led to lots of cheat meals (candy and other crap, not just a slightly less healthy meal). Now that I'm not eating meat, it forces me to get my protein from sources that will also give me other nutrients. Plus, I now need to eat something in place of meat. Veggies look a lot better when they're almost the only option I also hope that, since I'll be getting a lot of my protein from beans and rice/bread, the carbohydrates will help me increase strength and muscle mass.





Too much BF. If I had to really guess I'd say 16%


Bench: 280, although I don't really bench anymore, as my program doesn't incorporate flat benching.

Squat: 300 I know, far too low. I used to be a Bench and Bi's guy. Sigh....

Deadlift: 415


Goals: My main goal right now is increased muscle. I'd like to get to 225 before I start cutting, and hope to eventually be 225 at 10%-12% bf I tend to prefer the "big" look to the "ripped" look. If I have abs, great, but I'm happy as long as I don't have a big gut.

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Hi and welcome.

Nice post about Wal-Mart and the analogy with the meat industry, which is just like a huge corporation too, selling corpses, and people steal the lives of those animals, with some lame excuses.


Welcome aboard and if you need any help for meal plans and vegan food we are here to help. It takes a while to adjust and even after years you will still discover some amazing new vegan food, when you're buying a product you never dared or if you're travelling and find new stores or other cultures with their dishes.

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Greetings everyone! I have been vegetarian since 16, and now has matured to veganism. I am here to learn and share experiences with the various members of these forums. I am also looking for ideals that will further our cause as vegans, as well as generating funds to facilitate the movement. Let's work together in harmony and continue striving to awaken society to the benefits of taking on veganism.

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