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My Arm Complete (pics inside)


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Not sure if all you have seen how my arm had changed from when I did my last comp to now, but I got a half sleeve. I started session 1 a month ago(8.5 hours) and just had my second session(9 hours) and will post pics tomorrow


It was with vegan ink and it a Bio-Organic design.

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Even though I was in the Navy in the early the '70s, and to a few tattoo parlors in the Orient.

I got alot of free beers, but never a tattoo , just my buddies.

The first tattoo I got was after 25 years of marriage.

I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind such large body art. But it looks cool and colorful.

What is the theme of the tattoo?

This is mine a few years old.



Did I say OUCH! (for hours)

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He missed the big part of the blue in this picture.



It only took 7 days for it to be healed on both sessions. Didnt scab bad at all.

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