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diet suggestions for a carnivore?

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My friend is very much so into resistance training and getting huge. I have spoken to him, influenced him and obviosuly have many suggestions of my own. I think he can really make the switch over time. He was looking for a suggestion to substitute this diet for a vegetarian/vegan based one with a similar macro profile. Any suggestions would be wholly appreciated. He's been gnawing on raw broccoli everyday so that's a start I put him onto 'it's all good' mock meat. Gave him some sunwarrior samples. Spoke about sprouting etc etc.... This is his diet and many thanks!!!!




well typically in the morning i'll have 6 eggs,

mid morning snack chicken breast and brocoli

lunch chicken breast and rice

afternoon snack chicken and brocoli

dinner chicken

late snack chicken and rice


id like to have about 150 grams of protein in my diet daily and keep a diet which is low in processed sugars and hydrogenated oils. i take udos oil and coconut oil religiously in addition to an animal stack multivitamin.


im not into sweets in the least bit, my vices have always been fats, meat, salts, and carbs.


if you can give me a sample diet i would appreciate that. id like to increase the amount of raw vegetables and greens in my diet, and also cut out all the saturated fats other than coconut oil.

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Why does he stick to a daily routine in FOOD? This is sick! Eating the same stuff all the time...well, it makes you stupid, I guess. Tell him to eat just normal food, and tell him about legumes! Instead of eating rice and chicken , he could eat some nice refried beans!

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Can change the protein sources with soy-based stuff and leave the others same (boring though) or a sample meal in the day could be something like this i follow myself,

200gr beans boiled

40gr grains (wild rice/buckwheat/quinoa/amaranth...etc..)

25gr tahini (sesame butter)

that's about 550 kcals 80gr cho, 30gr protein(complete..-oh really??do vegans take protein too??..lol), 15gr fat(yeah "good fat")

Also, add veggies WHENEVER he wants to eat something


I bet that since he doesn't ask for EXTRAORDINARY amounts of protein like chickenbuilders do, he'll do just fine with his diet


With 2-3 meals mixing beans, grains and fat (like tahini or peanut butter or seeds/nuts), a bit of soy and also pea/rice/hemp shakes he's on his way to do the thing..

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His diet looks a lot like my old omnivore diet. I was eating a lot of chicken and rice. Egg whites were a big protein source. When I started to go veg, I went to mock meats, and transitioned that way. If I was going to make a suggestion for this diet as omni, I would suggest making one or two meals a day vegetarian with mock meats. I might also suggest salmon or tuna for healthy fats.

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If I was him I would begin with eating about 3 vegatarian meals a day, with 3 canivore meals a day. It will be an easy start off, if he were to just go to 6 vegetarian / vegan meals a day it could put harm on his body. It is better to let the body to adapt to different foods.


Great meat alternatives are:

Chickpeas + grains + healthy fats

Some Stir-Fry Tofu with Rice

Rice Protein or Pea Protein or Hemp Protein shake with complex carbs and healthy fats

Baked Beans with Whole Grain Toast


These are all great alternatives.

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