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Writing a paper on the eating behavior of bodybuilders,help!


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I am taking a psychology class this semester on eating (normal and abnormal) and I have to write a large paper at the middle/end of the semester on any persons (or groups) eating behavior. I have to have at least 9 or so scientific journal articles in the paper (all dated after 1999)

I am writing my paper on the eating behaviors of bodybuilders and want to focus on eating disorders that occur in the sport (both in men and women) and am also looking for any information on the effects of the diet on bodily function (such as heart health and kidney function)

I wanted to look in the China Study for information on High protein diets and their effect on the body but we let someone at Myke’s work borrow it.

If anyone knows of any good scientific journals I could use I’d appreciate the help! Thanks guys

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I would not recommend the china study for a fair opinion on high protein diets, he makes pretty weird and inaccurate conclusions to be honest.

The book "health food junkies" aka "orthorexia nervosa" by Steven Bratman MD might be a good start. I haven't read it myself but Bratman is the guy who founded the word orthorexia and a lot of the behaviour patterns from that disease is clerarly seen amongst "bodybuilders" (not the pros but people on online forums like us).

You can find tons of great stuff on medline. Hopefully your college has an account so you can read more than just abstracts of recent studies.


Here is one tht I find pretty intresting




The dude Gary S Goldfield has done more articles on the subject.




There is a lot of fascinating stuff about bodybuilders way of eating. Eating super "healthy" and clean 6 days a week and then totally binge out on the seventh day every week. Spontanious binge eating etc. I wish you luck in your project and please post the progress of it here

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Thanks for the resources. My school has an account, but it's been hard to find actual scientific articles since it also searches for online and magazine articles. Any suggestions of what I should put into the search engine that might produce better findings? I'll try orthorexia and Steven Bratman.


I didn't want to actually site the China Study (I'm not allowed to cite books) I wanted to see what studies he may have sited in the back.

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I did a quick search for "eating disorder bodybuilding"


There are way to many to list, but here is one study:



BB.com has a support group/thread for ED, I know that it runs rampent in the BBing community. Many persons with ED flock to the sport. You may be able to find some links on that site to some studies.

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Some journals that might be useful:


Eating & Weight Disorders

Journal of the American Medical Association

International Journal of Sport Nutrition

International Journal of Eating Disorders

Journal of Sport Behavior



When I'm doing a lit search for a new area I like to use Google Scholar...you can set it up to link to your school's library (under settings).

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Thanks for all of the resources!! you guys rock my socks


I am able to find plenty of articles on ED, but am still having troubles on finding info on the effects of the diet.


The only thing I come across is about excess protein on bones.


Do any of you have suggestions about other effects of a typical bodybuilders diet on the body and it's organs?

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