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If you want Alicia Silverstone's book signed to you.....


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Per my Facebook status:


If you want a personalized autographed copy of Alicia Silverstone's book The Kind Diet signed by her and me, as I'm featured with a color photo in the book, please follow these instructions: The book is hardcover, big, and heavy and retails ...for $29.99. Please PayPal $40 to [email protected] to cover shipping (US) asap. Include who you'd like it made out to. Thanks! I will see her on Wednesday.


I will be dropping hundreds of dollars to get enough books for all of you who are requesting them, so please PayPal payments to [email protected] ahead of time. Thanks! PS, MY Book comes out in a matter of weeks and I will personalize every single one that gets shipped by me. You will also be able to buy it other places too, but I'll sign all the books purchased from www.veganbodybuildingbook.com Thanks!

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I'll talk to her on Wed


I'll see her in a couple of days and I'm in pretty good shape these days. I've been training super hard and super heavy again and it has been awesome!


In fact I'm off to the gym with Crystal now, a forum member visiting from Utah........


But anyway, I hope to have some sort of good impression on her. I don't know much about her at all...never seen her movies or anything. I think I saw her on TV once in my life (I don't watch TV or movies so I don't know much about hollywood people except my impressions of them when I meet them at various events).


She'll be on many more shows and hopefully she'll be able to talk about fit vegans she'll meet in Portland as examples of those who work hard in the gym, thriving as vegan athletes.

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I'll see her later tonight.


Getting all the lists of names organized now


Kind of on topic...another speaker was in town recently, and I Had SO MUCH FUN seeing Gary Vaynerchuk the past two days! Pics on facebook Big Smiles...I was happy!

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