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Hello from Brazil!


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Hello everyone!

My name is João, I'm from south Brazil and I'm eighteen.

I'm studying Language Science at college and waiting to be dismissed from military service to get a job (works that way here, patience). What I like doing is playing my guitars or violin, reading and watching sitcoms or movies (REALLY into movies ).

Have been a vegan for four years now and weight training for almost two.

I've practiced futsal, basketball, volleyball, karate, chess and swimming. Nowadays I'm on with yoga, running, cycling and weight training. Right now I'm also practicing to do my best at a 7 mile race next month.

Started weight training back in 07 tired of hearing negative stuff about veganism (had 17.3 bmi back then), now I'm addicted! Already got 23 pounds and even lost a lil fat. All I'm doing so far is eating smart - and lots of research (at what my self-taught bad-bad-bad English has come in pretty handy). I've thought much about supplements, but here in Brazil the only vegan protein supplement available is isolated soy protein for about 30U$ a pound .

I've been reading the forum for a long time now, but not til recently had the urge to register. I owe you a photo, I know, it's being taken care of.

So that's it, hope I can learn a lot here, and try sharing the little I know.

Tight hugs!

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