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I started doing a new exercise. I call it doing "row-ups"


You hang from the pullup bar, then pull your legs up so your knees are up close to your chest while you lean back as much as you can. The purpose is to get your back as close to parallel with the floor as possible. Then pull yourself up to the bar.

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Those pics are awesome. Especially the flag, that's the coolest one.


I tried doing row-ups (seems like the same exercise as front levers?) with my legs extended, but I don't have the grip/wrist strength yet

That doesn't sound like a front lever. A front lever is really tough on the back/lat muscles. Grip/wrist strength isn't a problem. Here's a pic.




That guy could also do a one arm front lever.


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I just tried experimenting around with several variations of row-up / front lever type exercises. I see what you're talking about front levers being tough on lats, it seems you use your lats to stabilize your body while doing them. In row-ups I grip the bar sort of like you do if you're doing an upright row, so you're stabilizing more with your grip

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Here's a better description of what I've been doing:


The row up combines the idea behind a front lever and this




I'm nowhere near having the strength to grip the bar and hold my body with my forearms parellel to the ground. But the basic of premise of my row-up exercise is to try to grip the bar with forearms and elbows raised as much as possible, then to lean back and pull against gravity from this position.

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