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My book is out next month!


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Hey everyone,


Just a quick note. I spent the last year writing a book called Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness - The Complete Guide to Building Your Body on a Plant-Based Diet and it is available for pre-order for $3 off right now and it comes out next month!


You can read more about it on www.veganbodybuildingbook.com


The pre-order discount will no longer be valid in a few weeks and the more pre-orders we sell, the more copies can be printed and the more cities I can visit on tour. I'm looking forward to an awesome speaking tour to get a lot of people motivated and to get to be open to new ways of thinking about food and animals.


I'd love to come to your town! Let me know if you are part of a group or organization that would like to host me. Just provide an audience and I'll rock the house from there!




Please check out the table of contents and all other info on our book website. I worked really hard on this book and have read it 4 times recently and each time I get super pumped! I would love it if you pre-order a copy, and knowing me....I'll likely toss in a free vegan treat (energy bar or protein packet, etc.) with every single order and they'll ship at the end of next month.


All the best,


Robert Cheeke




Email [email protected] about having me speak to your audience. I'd love to!

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Yeah, for sure!


It's all coming very soon.....we're even updating the text that is on there now too and will have a sample chapter asap. I'm meeting with my website guy tomorrow morning.


I worked my butt off on this thing the entire past year writing any chance I could while I was on a plane, at an airport, getting the oil changed for my car and just like 12-hour days at home....nobody probably even noticed but I took about 5 days off from the forum at about 5 different times. So for good 4-5 day stretches I'd just stay away from the internet, hide out and write...it was all before, during and after my 5-contest season too so I had a ton of fresh thoughts and themes as I was living it all last year.


I've been reading it over again recently and it's good stuff. I'm pumped about it!


Sample chapter coming soon!


Thanks man!



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Only 3 bucks? Nice, I'm going to order one! I have a little bit of cash on my prepaid credit card.


Do you ship to Canada? That'd be great!


After reading it I will tell lots of people what I've learned, especially people at the gym, friends, and so on.


Plus, once I get my website up and running, which may take a few months, I want to promote your website!, especially this book.



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Hey man, yeah the Pre-orders are $3 off the regular price just as a thank-you for ordering before it even comes out. It saves people a few extra dollars.


Thanks man. I'm having a lot of working my butt off to inspire a lot of people.


We do ship to Canada...no prob.


You can check it out here:




Thanks again.


All the best!

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Thats awesome!


I really want to get this book. Approximately how many pages is it? I bet this is the best book on vegan bodybuilding out there. I can't wait to get it.


Ill be able to learn lots, and possibly I can reference some information from the book to my site Lot's off citations like (Cheeke, 2009) Lol.


I wish you the best on getting your book out there!


P.S maybe you can let me affiliate your book for a little commission,


Have a good day!

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Thanks man!


It will be about 300 pages.


We'll do affiliate stuff too, of course!


Thanks for all the support...I'm super pumped and have been working hard on this stuff....more to come on the website as I'll post a sample chapter or two, more vids, etc.


Thanks so much for your interest!

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No problem Robert!


Your book is 300 pages? Thats awesome!, I really want to get it now, it must contain of tons of rich and valuable advice.


I definately look forward to purchasing it.


I think it would be an awesome idea for me to devote a whole page on your book in my site later on.


I'm want to learn lots about 'CSS' and 'html' coding so I can make my site look way better.


That way I can do some wicked affiliating!.


Have a great day Rob!


Best Wishes on your outstanding book!

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I pre-ordered a while ago. Can't wait. . Robert, do you know when yet in December you're book ships? Please let us know when you know so that way we can be there the day it arrives. My apartment is weird with packages. If it doesn't fit in the mailbox the manager will actually ship it back to where it came from. Is it postal, or UPS? Or do you not know yet?


I wonder if I'm the only one who asked Robert to sign his copy ... =P

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Late December is what we're looking at....I'll try to get exact date in the next week or two.


Thanks man!


A note I just wrote too:


Hello my friends!


Check it out! I'm super pumped about a book I just wrote! My book Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness – The Complete Guide to Building Your Body on a Plant-Based Diet is out in a matter of weeks! It is available for Pre-Order now with a few dollars of savings to those who order it before it comes out.


If you haven't heard much from me, aside from my Facebook updates, it is because I have been quietly working away on meaningful projects. I wrote three 300-page books in 18 months and I'm about 200 pages into a fourth book and I have started a fifth and sixth as well. My topics tend to focus around personal development more than anything else and I have some amazing and innovative books to release following this Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness themed book. I acquired a literary agent in New York, though this book is one I'm publishing myself and I am determined to make it a self-published best-seller. I will become a best-selling author at age 30 and I am clearly enthusiastically pumped to make it happen!


I'm known for my long emails so I'll keep this one short.




I would love it if you checked out my book website: www.veganbodybuildingbook.com



I would love it if you decided to pre-order a copy of my book which is packed full of inspirational, helpful and useful material and your purchase assists my vision of becoming a best-selling author.


The book isn't just about eating plants and lifting weights, but about lifting others up, becoming your very best, and about contributing to the world in meaningful ways. Everyone will get something worthwhile and I am convinced this book will rock people hard!


If you know anyone who is interested in this subject matter or know someone who simply wants to help me achieve the vision I set for myself to become a best-selling author at age 30, please direct them to my book website.


Thanks for taking the time to read my email. I've sold as many as 40 books in a single day, weeks before it comes out and I can't wait to have this book in front of the eyes of many, inspiring people around the world to be remarkable. I know the road to becoming a best-selling author is a long one, but it's paved with endless opportunity. I've made a living out of proving people wrong by believing in myself and following my heart. I will achieve this milestone because I want it bad enough to work my face off until I get it.


All the best! I hope life is amazing wherever you are.


Robert Cheeke


Author, Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness – The Complete Guide to Building Your Body on a Plant-Based Diet




Pre-order Today and save $3 and get this book one step closer to the best-seller list and attracting the eyeballs of New York's biggest publishers.


Ask your local bookstore to carry it as well! I sincerely thank you!


If you're not interested, no problem at all...I'm just super excited and wanted to share!

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