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Kettlebells again!

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Just wanted to share I'm loving these workouts. I have a dvd from Lauren Brooks (Ultimate Bodysculpt and Conditioning) and one from Art of Strength (the Newport advanced workout). I am using 15 and 25 pound bells, and only have to do these workouts maybe 2 times a week. I also do a full body weight training routine and a day to focus only on glutes (my achilles heel of deveopment-but not for much longer with these kettlebell workouts).


These workouts are so intense, really 25 min is plenty. Good stuff!

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Why, sure! My recent understanding about kettlebells is that they originated in Russia where they used cannon balls and created a workout where you essentially "swing" that heavy object. Now they are manufactured like a cannon ball with a handle, and call it a "bell." Bells range in weight from 2 or 4 pounds to over 100.


This swinging action with proper form creates a really effective and tough, core based, cardio and strength total body workout. When I first watched people doing it on youtube it didn't look like they were really working that hard. Then I TRIED it. Oh my gosh....if you use a heavy enough bell, its a REALLY tough and effective workout.


I suggest googling it or youtubing it, do some research and see what you think. I workout at home so I bought bells and dvd workouts. There are personal trainers that are certified KB (kettlebell) instructors around the country though that you can work with also.


This workout is so efficient you really don't need to work out more than three days a week for maybe 25-30 min at a time. In fact you need those days of rest between workouts. I still like to do free weights so I only am doing two days a week of the KB workouts and two of weights, then three days of rest. I never workout longer than 30 min a day, and get great results.


check it out!

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I just gotta share...this workout is freaking awesome. I am getting really amazing results only doing 20-30 minutes, three times a week! This is totally sweet because that leaves me a couple of days to do yoga, which is SO important to keep the spine and joints healthy, especially as we age, without feeling guilty that I'm not "working harder" during those days between kettlebells workouts.


My butt, legs and core are leaning out and toning up more than they did with hour long free weight/cardio workouts 4-5 days a week. I am 45 and feeling VERY perimenopausal, so those are TRULY profound results considering I am in a hormonally "metabolically challenged" state, as it were (oy vey). I very well think kettlebells could soon replace most of the traditional fitness activities that people currently do.


Of course, if people want to bodybuild, they would still have to do specific, isolating routines but my goal is just to be all over lean and toned and functionally fit. But many who do kettlebell exclusive workouts DO look like professional bodybuilders. Probably depends on how clean ones diet is and their genetic predisposition to develop lean muscle tissue.


If you haven't tried this workout, you should! But be careful, you might not care about your gym membership anymore, lol (unless they have kettlebell classes, of course...)


some good resources for this workout are:





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Kettlebell workouts are an excellent all round fitness system if done correctly.


I have witnessed many people however trying to do swings/snatches incorrectly putting there back in a terrible danger and I wince at this.


There are many people out there and systems that truely work. I personally own a few Mike Mahler DVD's and find these excellent. http://www.mikemahler.com/


The man certainly knows that he is talking about.



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I will check out Mike's stuff...he was the first I heard of kettlebells a few years ago...didn't "get it" then. Do now!


He was into it way before anyone else that I heard of. I just have to share again...this workout is by far the best I've ever, ever done. I can not believe how its shaping up my glutes, how strong my core has become, how much stronger I am functionlly, and how I its keeping me lean if I eat well, and this all happens only doing TWO OR THREE 20-30 min workouts a WEEK!


I was working out an hour a day, 5 days a week with cardio and weights, and did not see the results I am in only SIXTY TO NINETY minutes a week with kettlebells. These are absolutely phenomenal.


Yes, I can see how you have to really watch form or you can get hurt...but its not hard to learn correct form. They are really easy to learn and WAY more fun to me than repetitive free weights, cardio on the treadmill, etc. If I WANT to workout in the old way, I can for fun now, but not because I'm freaked out I'll gain a pound if I miss a workout.


Some weeks I only manage to fit in two 20-30 min workouts and experience no loss of muscle or fat gain at all. I wish I could afford to get certified...I would LOVE to open a kettlebell/yoga studio combined with a detox/healing center...this is fast becoming my dream!



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