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Your shape today!

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This is an idea I got from a Swedish forum with a thread called Dagsformstråden (basically today's shape thread) where people post recent pictures of their physique and other people say nice things . It's not necessarily a progress thread, you can post pictures once a month, once a week, once a day or even one in the morning and then one in the evening. People who have their own progress threads can post pictures both there and here. The pictures don't have to be bodybuilding style, you can have clothes on but it's good if you show some muscle of course. You can def post lifting pics and/or videos too.

So what do you think? Is this a crappy idea or something that you would actually like?

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Usually the first thing Superman does before he changes his costume, is take his glasses off.

Where's the fat?


Thanks dude. The fat is kind of gone..


dude, you're back in training?


Yes sir, since like 9 weeks or maybe more. I train about 3 times a week and is pretty strict with the diet so I've had some good results. I lost a lot of mass during my workout break but I think I'll get it back soon.


I really like this idea! Thanks xjohanx !


Looking super ripped by the way! Great conditioning and shape.


And excellent thread idea too.


Thanks Robert. Yeah the thread on the Swedish forum is really popular so I thought it would be cool here too. You should post some pics

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I will post some pics, but I have perpetual issues with my camera, such as charging the fucker and finding it. I am looking for it right now... I need to stop moving.


I am in the middle of a cut, and this thread might be great inspiration to keep me going.



I have a metro crush on you too, Johan. Nice physique.

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