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Your shape today!

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Today when I was lying down on my back, doing my cooldown after my workout I recalled a specific memory. I was twelve, in girls athletics, we were doing crunches and I told the girl next to me I wanted a six pack. I had always wanted a six pack... but I was just a skinny, gangly girl at the time.

I have a kick ass six pack now. My eyes watered up; I'm so proud of myself.



It's so well defined already (imo, atleast)... even with the short amount of time I've been working out for (seven months).



My arms, however, are the real challenge...

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Used to be the fat and lazy vegan at 315 lbs 2 years ago. This was today at 210. Now that I am down to 210 I plan to increase my strength/muscle mass.





kind of hard to see definition due to the tattoo and will be even harder once it is colored and shaded Also it is hard to take a back/mirror shot of yourself.

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Matt - Following your log and seeing this pictures really helps put it all together; fucking awesome job, mate!


sosso - Strong bulk! That's what I call a success.


Thinking about throwing up some "before" shots into my log after clicking through this whole thread. So much solid progress from everybody.

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