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Malckiera's umpteenth log

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LOL at Chewybaws! I'm sure that at some point next year you will see dark, non-slippery spots appear amidst the snow: that's pavement

Just found that it's been 10 whole days since I've done an upper body workout - shameful! Resolution: to do another upper body workout before the end of the year!

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Last night, new year's eve, people were out and about doing last minute hurried shopping and on their way to all sorts of celebrations ... and I felt like a run! So off I pootled, was away for half an hour and must've done about 2.5 miles or summat. Still not much improvement in terms of time, but I do notice that I have to stop less and less - which is progress, so happy with that

This morning I walked into an empty gym - 10 AM on 1. January, go figure. Soon enough there were 2 or 3 other people tho, but obviously it was far from crowded.



10 mins rowing machine

2x10 lunges @ 5 kgs DB

2x10 Squat @ bar + 15 kgs (+ 5 kgs improvement! )

2x10 Calf press @ 45 kgs

2x10 lat pulldown @ 25 kgs

1x5 Seated row @ 25 kgs, then I found that I really couldn't maintain good form so went down to 20 kgs , 1x5

1x10 Seated row @ 20 kgs

2x10 supermans

1 min plank

2x10 decline sit ups


Feels great!

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Pffffffff, more snow and more ice - no way can I have a decent run at the moment! Went to the gym instead for another workout, that way at least some part of me will improve at some point


15 mins treadmill @ 8.5 km/h

2x10 chins @ 45 kgs

1x10 bench @ bar + 5 kgs

1x8 bench @ bar + 5 kgs - failed last 2. Felt quite shaky and not very secure without a spotter, so decided to not take the risk and make an idiot of meself, the gym was packed!

2x10 mil press @ 10 kgs BB

2x10 rotator cuff @ 1 kg DB

1 min plank

2x30 secs superman

2x10 decline sit ups with 2.5 kgs plate - my abs will make me pay for that in the coming days I expect!

Good workout, one of those where you get shaky legs and all that, although I'm not entirely sure whether that was because of working hard or not the greatest of diets I've not reached a point yet though where I really want to take care of what I'm eating and keep a food diary and all that. We'll see if and when that happens ...

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Weather in this country has taken a turn for the worst It's now even too dangerous to cycle to work, if not downright impossible to even try, as bikes just get stuck in the snow. Today the legs therefore got a more than decent workout: it takes me a good hour to walk to work, through the snow, which was a workout in itself. This of course had to be repeated on the way back Got so pissed off at not being able to run outdoors that I went to the gym and dit


1x10 mins @ 9.5 km/h

1x20 mins @ 9.5 km/h


The idea was to do 3x10 mins @ 9.5 km/h, with a minute walk inbetween, but after the second 10 mins I just didn't feel like stopping, so I decided to carry on and see how much longer I could run. Anotehr 10 minutes did it just nicely Next time I'll start with the 20 mins and then see if I can still carry on, without slowing down to walking pace. I know it's miles away from running on the road, but it's all I've got at the moment (weather is said to last for another 2 weeks at least! ) and it's better than nothing at all.

Did have a longing look at the weights, but by the time I got off the treadmill I was so knackered that I was quite sure that nothing decent would come of lifting, so that'll be my 'treat' for Friday: lower body workout!

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Oops! Obviously did not pay attention at all and did an upper body workout ratehr than the lower body workout that I was supposed to be doing


10 mins rowing machine

2x10 DB flyes @ 5 kgs DB - due to bench being heavily in use by 3 guys as it was

2x10 chins @ 45 kgs - starting to feel better

2x10 mil press @ 10 kgs - felt good today too!

2x10 decline sit-ups @ 2.5 kgs plate

2x10 rotator cuff @ 1 kgs DB

2x10 30 sec supermans, alternating with

2x1 min plank


Workout felt really good today! Will have to make up for missing lower body workout tomorrow, although I figure what with all the trekking through the snow this week legs have not exactly been shortchanged

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Finally went for a run today! Granted, I don't think we went further than 2 miles, slowly, but it was a 'jog' and it was outdoors! It also was off road and I took Sparky with me. Seeing as I hope to do at least one Cani Cross event with him, we might as well start running together. Problem with Sparky is, he's not very social when it comes to other dogs and unfortunately there are still too many people who can't see a problem with allowing their playful dog to run up to my dog on his lead There usually is a reason why dogs are onlead, and it would be so nice if people could just respect that!

Anyway, rant over, we ran about 2 miles over snowy and sometimes slippery ground. It went lots better and faster than I'd expected and Sparks was really good at running with me. Result!

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10 mins treadmill @ 7 kms/h

1x10 lunges @ 5 kgs DB

1x10 @ 7.5 kgs DB - felt that a lot more!

2x10 squats @ bar + 17.5 kgs ( + 2.5 kgs from last time - getting more confident again )

2x10 calf press @ 52 kgs

2x10 lat pull @ 25 kgs

2x10 seated row @ 20.3 kgs

2x10 sidebends @ 8 kgs - thought I'd throw these in for a change.


I'm still tweaking this programme, might do something way different next week, apart from the basics. Overall happy with improvement in weights. I've been lifting very light, just to find my feet again and build up confidence, esp with doing squats. Yesterday felt right, so will try and build on that.

Diet is starting to happen just a bit. I'm cutting down on junk (ssssshhtt - nobody's seen that bag of crisps I had yesterday! ) and eating more fruit. Lobsterrific, if you read this, it was you going on about clementines on your log that reminded me of the existence of the little things. And yes they are goooood in this part of the world as well!

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Thanks for your motivation! I intend to return the favour


Did interval training for the first time last night on the treadmill and it felt GREAT!!


10 mins warm up, jog @ 7 kms/h

6 x 4 mins @ 9.5-10 kms/h,

6 x 1 mins @ 7 kms/h

5 mins cooldown @ 5.5 kms/h


Was struggling a bit with the last 4 min session, but must now really think of getting a water bottle and filling it up at home before I hit the gym. If you think I'm mad to even think about running without rehydrating: I never take a bottle with me while running outside - I took a gel with me once, had to stop to open and down half of it, couldn't manage the rest so stupidly enough stuck it in my pocket "for later" and ended up wearing the stuff! And did the stuff I did down make a difference to my running? Not one bit! I can't drink more than a sip of cold water at a time either, my body just doesn't like it. I can however fill up my bottle with water at room temperature at home, and add some vitamin powder to it, for flavour if anything, and see how I do with that. Another thing to try out next time - gym life has nevre been so exciting!

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Yuk! Still can't get it together to train regularly Went out on Friday, for the first time in aaaages. Didn't drink at all, but still needed a long lie in on Saturday to recover and spend time with my guys to make up for what they don't get during the week. Then felt right grotty for a few days, fending off a bad cold, so again didn't train at all. Finally got it together tonight: really wanted to go to the gym, but after having to go to the garage after work I thought it was too late: my guys had a walk and their dinner, but it's not fair on them to then leave them again for the rest of the night (in case you're wondering, I'm having my dinner at the time of posting and the puter goes off after that! ).

ANY case: had a crap day and felt ratty, so plugged some hardcore (techno) into me ears and off I went. Did the 3+ miles route I did before and came close enough to 11 min/mile! Now that does cheer me up!! And there was NO walking involved either! Training might be a bit haphazard, but at least my fitness levels appear notto be plummeting completely

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Hiyaaaaa!!!!! *waves back* Fancy meeting you here! Sorry bout the cold, but don't you think we both caught it off the guy with the tacky tattoos last week (for those now thinking all sorts: we went out last week to this tiny, crowded wee club, and there wasa bloke with tacky tattoos dancing quite close to us. Nothing more exciting I'm 'fraid )


Work is seriously doing my head in at the moment, and today is going to be the very last ever of the easy days: from Monday onwards we have 14 weeks to train up people to do our jobs, it's gonna be hell


Anyway, needed a gym session last night to have an outlet for all this negativity. It was so packed, I've never seen it this packed before Of course I was the only girl in the free weights section and crikey, don't men half make a mess!! The place was like a mine field with weights all over the shop! But just as I'd grabbed hold of a bench and was cussing while dragging it over to the squat rack, this very nice guy stepped up and offered to swing it in its place in one fell swoop (the bench, not the squat rack!), was very nice of him


After 10mins warm up on Xtrainer, did:


1,1x10,8 bench press @ bar + 5 kgs - failed on 8 because didn't have a spotter, and I wasn't going to make a t*t of myself in front of such a large audience

2x10 chins @ 45 kgs/99 lbs - felt surprisingly good

2x10 mil press @ 10 kgs/ 22llbs

2x1 min plank/ 30 sec supermans

2x10 decline sit ups + 2.5 kgs plate

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Did interval training again last night and it damn near killed me! Did pretty much the same routine as last time, but added a 1% incline, but then had to marginally lose out on speed. Had a water bottle this time and thought of binging vit powder as well - and it did make a difference! It might have been that my neighbours on the treadmills on either side could hear my hardcore techno on max volume tho - I might've got some decidedly funny looks!

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Lower body workout last night!


10 mins jog on treadmill @ 8 kms/h (that would've finished me off a few months ago, yay!)

2x10 lunges @ 7.5 kgs DB - not too sure about form, wasn't able to really check as it was so crowded last night that you couldn't even see a mirror, leave alone watch yourself in it!

2x10 squats @ bar + 17.5 kgs - felt good! A guy asked if I needed the 10 kgs plates. I was like "hmmm, maybe in 2 weeks?" Woohoo!

2x10 calf press @ 52 kgs

2x10 lat pull @ 25 kgs

2x10 seated row @ 25 kgs - improvement there!

2x10 sidebends @ 8 kgs - thought I'd throw these in for a change.

2x1 min plank, alternated with 2x30 secs superman


Run with Sparky planned for tonight, then after that agility with Kiera - while the little man sleeps off his exercise, LOL!

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YAY!!!!!! Did my 3 mile run with Sparky tonight and he was BRILLIANT!! Seeing as our last run together was a couple of weeks ago, about 2 miles off road, I thought I'd take it easy on him, even more so because this is a busy road and my little man is easily distracted by everything that's going on. I was only going to do 3/4 up the road and back, which would have been about 2 miles. Sparks was so happily trotting ahead though (on lead of course!) that we were at the top of the road before I knew it, and Sparks showed no signs of wanting to slow down, so on we went. Towards the end he was slowing down a little, so I held back and walked for all of about 5 seconds - but Sparks kept pulling and looking back as if to say: "come on, what you waiting for!" So on we went again He was a little star he was!!!! He's had his dinner now and taken himself off to bed tho, bless him. I on the other hand will be off to agility with Kiera in a minute. It might involve some sprinting to keep up with 'madam' ...

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