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Vegan powerlifting belts


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After many years of trying in various ways to get some kind of decent vegan powerlifting belt made, which meets all the IPF spec/criteria, and many failed attempts, I've finally managed to get them done. It's a supplier I use for other stuff, and have had samples of both the 10mm lever belt, and the 13mm double prong buckle belt, which I've been using for a couple of weeks, and which are fooking awesome! They're made from Lorica, and really mimic leather belts well, the main difference being that they're not quite as rigid (which I personally prefer) but still offer a huge amount of support when training. Anyway, they are now on their way and UK bound!


They're live on the site, and expected here next Friday or so. Anyone wishing to do so can order now, and they'll be sent out as soon as they arrive. Postage shouldn't be hideous outwith the UK as they're under 2kg each. If you're ordering more than one, the postage is calculated automatically, so it'll probably work out cheaper to order them singly, but feel free to give me a shout to see if there's a cheaper way (courier etc). Will get some better pics up as well. Though those boys in the pics are pretty damn fine


As a special tight fisted Scottish boy bonus I'm giving all you lucky people 5% off for the next month (til 19th December). Just use the discount code 'iwanttolaydownwithbuzz' (because you all do, don't fight it) at the checkout. As I couldn't work out how to apply it to one specific product, you'll get the 5% off your total order. Generous eh





Any questions feel free to pm me or post here about them.

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I will be selling them on an ongoing basis, so it's not just a one off batch or anything, but I expect all the hungry vegans who've been holding out for one for ages to snap them up


I haven't used a leather PL belt before, but both the buckle and lever ones are great, makes a big difference when training certain lifts. Folk that have been using leather ones for years, and were scpetical of these (as was I a little ) are generally really impressed by them. Sure they'll be a hit with the meaties as well as the vegan posse!

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Ordering is the same as laying down with the buzz really


Imo - lever better if you need to just pop it on and off, like for certain events or lifts. Buckle better for general useage. But honestly, both are awesome, whichever you will get you will fall in love with it straight away and be stroking it a lot.


Guaranteed to make your girlfriend (or boyfriend) jealous

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