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First 10 people to reply get a FREE VeganProteins.com pack


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Hey everyone,


Super Pumped about a lot of things......


Been on tour constantly for the past month without really even being "home" and speaking of that, I just made a payment on a place in LA so I am MOVING next month!




First 10 people to reply, get a FREE Variety pack from www.veganproteins.com sent out by me.




All you have to do is "reply" and say something like








or whatever..


Then email your mailing address to:


[email protected]


Have fun......Go!

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I posted this 5 minutes before getting on a 25-min flight from Tucson to Phoenix, AZ and now flying to another city


I will ship anywhere in the world, I don't care....I'm just pumped!


Thanks...and remember....you have to email me...I use all 1440 minutes in a day extremely efficiently and I can't chase anyone down.


The only way to ensure I'll ship stuff to you on Monday is to email [email protected]




If time, I'll even reply to let you know I received your address...if you don't get anything in 2 weeks, assume I missed you and remind me..but I rarely forget anyone.


Thanks you - Robert

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It was great meeting you Robert in Salt Lake City! i really appreciated the speech you gave at the thanksgiving fundraiser! I am in a transitory phase and the words you expressed has helped to redefined some of my goals. Good luck in LA, i use to live in San Diego, and it was the most great, terrifying positive and negative experience of my life, the type of experience that all others are judged by. I hope that your journey brings you nothing but positivity allowing you to achieve your goals.

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Love the note with the kitten on it, haha!


Got mine today, too. I also laughed about the kitten note. A busy Robert Cheeke, sending packages in a hurry and sending greetings on a kitten note




Thanks a lot Robert!

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Hey Robert, the package arrived today. Thanks a lot for sending it!


Unfortunately the packs of Vega (at least I think they were Vega) were seized by quarantine, for the following reasons -


Item a: "other foodstuffs of animal origin".. this is weird. It says it contains Amylase, but that's typically vegan, isn't it? I think they made a mistake there.

Item b: "Rice" - supplement powder containing brown rice/yellow pea

Item c: "Other herbs/spices" - supplement powder containing devil's claw. This must be the Vega Sport, which I know Joelk has had sent to him, so maybe I was just unlucky.


So they can either destroy the items or I can have them sent back to you at a cost of $42.50. Do you think it's worth having them sent back to you?

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