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I am starting up a vegan business - big time!


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Thanks everyone!


I have great news once again. I will be opening a vegan food store here in Turku in a few weeks! The store will be located near the university and it will help people to get vegan snacks and groceries at a lot lower prices than earlier. The shop will be small, but for me it's a huge thing to open a boutique of my own after running the business for just one year!


Now I'm expanding to vegan shoes as well. Here are some classic shoes that I will start importing in no time:












Everything is going really well, I'm really happy right now. I will very likely be able to finally include Vega nutrition stuff to my sortiment as weel.

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Just wanted you guys to know that


a) I'm still vegan and still alive! Terribly busy and not been able to concentrate on anything else than work for a few weeks.


b) Now my bricks and mortar store is open so we finally have a vegan food store in Turku for the first time in history!


Some pics:








The shop has been open for two weeks and every day we've had a good number of customers. Now our biggest problem is to get more stuff to the shop fast enough! We already ran out of many products and the new shipment is on its way for a couple more days.

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Hello, I'm glad you started your business. I also plan to start my own business. Only at home in the States. By the way, the state in which I want to start a business in Maryland has many good benefits, but starting a business is difficult. It's just misfortune. I found money for the auto parts business faster than I can figure out how to register an LLC. But I searched the internet llc in maryland and found it. With this information, I at least understand where to start.

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