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tiiiti's new training log (Half Marathon here I come)


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I while back I kept a training log here, but kinda faided it. Haven't stop training though. Actually I just realized that I've lost 15cm (about 6") on my waist since september 2008. Weird.


Anyhow.. I've desiced to run the Half Marathon (Helsinki City Run) on 8th of May 2010. Since I can barely run for an hour straight (very slowly that is) now I need to get training.


Today I could finally start training. I had a bit of a flu for a while, and now that I've had a few healthy days I figured I could. It was all rainy and stuff, so I runned on a treadmill for 36minutes at 7,5km/h pace. My heart rate went I bit higher than I hoped.. But I bet that's cos I had the flu.


So, training week 1:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 36minute run, 4,5km. (treadmill)

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Hi tiiiti,


good you started a log again!!


my pb on the 10k is from a race in finland (november).


it's hard to train there in the winter.


I never lived there just went for holliday, but guess I have a fair idea.


in the gym it might be good to use cross trainer.


saw some sports halls had indoor tracks.


good luck!!

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