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Britains really disgusting food: meat


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I didn't watch the video. I just wanted to post and tell you how ripped you look in your avatar. Great job!!

aaaww thanks


that was a while ago, ive got some better ones now but when i post them they're absolutely massive and take up the whole screen, i tried to do that on another thread last night, but deleted them cz they were so big, do u happen to know how i can er post them normal size :/



The video isnt really about cruelty (though the dairy one might be, and the fish one does talk about waste), but rather about just how ing so many meat products are.




a VERY interesting point the guy makes though....surely by eating all this sh!te (i.e. burgers, kievs etc with very little actual meat, but rather skin, mechanically recovered meat, organs, fat, rusk, water, gristle, breadcrumbs etc) LESS animals have to die then if say, burgers had to be made out of 100% lean meat and the rest was thrown away...


clearly it would be better if people just didnt eat meat but quite frankly i'll feel a surge of...well definately not satisfaction, more consolation next time i see someone eat a chicken kiev as opposed to a chicken breast, or a sausage instead of a pork chop!

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