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Yeah! VBB&F!!

Dr. Pink

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Love this place. Don't get a chance to come here much, but damn it I love it. Just downloaded a video file of a conference Robert Cheeke gave in San Fransisco and can't wait to play it( Later will convert it for my cell phone ).


Anyways, I was thinking. You know what would be awesome if possible? A VBB&F magazine. I currently subscribe to Muscle and Fitness and while it's nice to see the proper techniques it would be nice if there was a magazine that focused on a healthy dietary lifestyle too.


That would probably be a long ways off if ever it did happen. But one thing that would be cool, a download section on the main VBB&F website. Being able to download Robert Cheeke's( And other Vegan Atheltes ) interviews and other video types to various formats for Cell Phones, IPODS, PSP's and other hand held devises. Vegan support on the go.


Just wanted to share that idea. Keep up the good work. You're really getting you're name out there. Soon you really will be on the Ellen Degeneres show. Maybe Alicia Silverstone could lend a hand in that.

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Hey, thanks.......this place has been around for a while and I'm glad you enjoy it.


I thought about a magazine a while back...I just don't know if there is a big enough market yet....there likely will be in due time, but I'm not sure at the moment there would be enough interest, thought it is something I thought of many times for sure.


I am moving to LA and have been in touch with Alicia Silverstone a bit and hope to do some joint projects with her in the future. Ellen and others would be cool to work with.


My buddy Shaun who produced Earthlings will likely be one of my training partners in LA....he's really getting into Vegan Bodybuilding...so with some of those media people we may be able to expand our reach a bit, which is exciting.

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