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ok so ive just started up with nitrofusion again and well, it tastes bad.


normally i can eat anything regardless of how gross is smells/tastes i just imagine like strawberries or soy choc ice cream etc. but nitrofusion is just plan dirty.


I'm mixing a scoop and roughly 500ml of water to get it reasonably diluted, does anyone have any recipes or any mixing suggestions to make the taste of it bearable?


I've tried soymilk and well that was more fail than win.

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I could be the only guy who thinks that most of the NitroFusion flavors aren't that bad! Compared to NutriBiotic Vegan Brown Rice protein in chocolate or vanilla, it's a cakewalk to choke down NitroFusion


Personally, I stick with the chocolate, seems to be the easiest for being consistently tolerable even after the flavoring change a few months back. Been a while since I've used the others, but I don't remember them being all that bad.


Biggest trick for ANY of the flavors - only use ice-cold water if you're blending it plain. If it isn't freezing cold, it's tough to drink. Blend with ice cubes or use water that's as cold as you can get it, it will definitely improve the taste!

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