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Saulo hulks-out


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Saulo! Long time no speak. I remember you and your fixie well. Are you still focusing on low weight/high rep lifts?

when it comes to the specifics like delts bis and tris yes. I do sets of 10 for my back and sets til fail for my abs and such. Working toward a stronger back.


cross over box push ups!

4 sets til failure


crunches with a small ball

5 sets til failure


shrugs 25lbs in each hand

3 sets of 10


row machine

25lbs each side 2x10

35lbs each side 3x10

25lbs each side 1x8


riding to work and to the gym lately today my legs are a little less responsive. Gonna do light pedalling this afternoon.


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I have been working out, just not posting enough. Sup yous guys.


bike ride to the gym, few miles.

5-10 minute run on the treadmill



deltoid raises 5x5 15lbs


sitting shoulder press 5x8 or 10



bodyweight squats 3x10


stability ball crunches 5x til failure.

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Hey y'all I had a really demanding semester so I didn't have much time to make my body strong. I have fewer commitments now so I'm going back to the gym.


couple miles on the bike to warm up


2x til failure push ups


2x10 bicep curls 15lbs

4x5 bicep curls 20 lbs


5x8 shoulder press 20lbs

Shoulders and chest are my faves


5 or so til failure sets of crunches on the inverted crunch table.


Serious stretching before biking home

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Howdy y'all! it has been a while.


Jump rope for about 10 min


5x10 rep bicep curls [15lbs]


'til can't do no mo' x 6 push ups


'til can't do no mo' x 5 crunches


some pull ups.


I took an entire semester off cuz I was working a lot and going to school. Had a hard time managing my time. Now I am back in the "get strong" state of mind. What gave me my wake up call was playing gigs and not being able to lift any equipment alone. Gonna focus strongly on chest, rows, and pull ups. Thanks y'all.

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Nice I love that most of your workout came be done from my apt. Its helpful to see exorcises that are outside of the gym. Thanks for posting/sharing. We have a tiny set up in my apt and I forget how much of a workout I can get into with so little.



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