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Training after dislocating knee

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hey everyone,


Around a year and a half ago I dislocated my right knee while wrestling. Ever since I have experience a tightening in my knee after I use it a lot. IE After running through deep snow for my first time (for a few hours) this weekend it felt tight. Not necessarily painful, though. Anyways, I'm worried about doing squats and other excersices that use my right leg fearing it will happen again. Any advice on a routine to ease it into training would be extremely helpful.


I'm positive it still hurts occasionally only because of the lack of training I have done with it, but it will only get worse if I don't do anything about it.


If anyone has some advice it'd be great, thanks!

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If you dislocated your knee, you should've rehabbed with with a physiotherapist. They could discuss specifics regarding rehab.


In general though, you need to focus on a few things:


VMO strengthening. VMO is most active during terminal extension. I'd focus on Closed Kinetic Chain exercises like squats and single leg leg press, skipping. Start light and shallow.


Pelvic stabilization (core, hip ABDducttors). This is quite important. Things like clamshells, single leg suats, bird-dog, leg lifts wiht your leg in extension.



You might also benefit from a brace for patellar subluxations. IMO, if you rehabbed it well this is not necessary, but could be useful on your runs until you rehab it





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Hey, thanks for the reply! I do have a brace I was given when it first happened that I wore consistently for as long as i was told to. I did do some of the rehab excercises, but it was mostly just movement of my knee in general with some specific stretch type things. I could have easily not done enough rehab (it was all on your-own with a sheet of paper I was given). I've pretty much thought that's what the reason is, so that's why I'm having difficulty figuring out what to do now. Thanks for the response, i haven't had any problems with it recently even though i've been working out more.

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I've had a problem where I dislocated my knee. I did it in 7th grade and it was always weak after that, and would occasionally dislocate. I ended up doing yoga and, after several sessions, my knee is back to normal. Was even able to handle what the Marine Corps threw at me (the rest of my body...well...I digress, but the knee was strong as steel).

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