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It has been a while since I last blogged, quite a while. But wanting to go into 2010 with a good mindset.


I slipped back into being a vegetarian instead of a vegan. Mostly just from weakness and stress. This has been a terrible year from me. My sister died of cancer (she was 47), my husband has stage 3 lung cancer and went through the whole chemo thing then he had open heart surgery because the cancer caused a heart tumor that had to come out. The good thing is the cancer is gone for now but he starts radiation next monday for several weeks. Also my husbands mom and brother both died within a month of each other and he lost his favorite uncle too. Just a terrible year. Not to mention the financial problems with my husband being out of work.


Okay so during all this my stress hormones really kicked in and I started craving sweets, all my husband could really eat during chemo was sweets, so there they were right in front of me all the time. I caved of course. So dairy and eggs were back on the diet, and unfortunately not organic or free range when they come in forms of ice-cream or candy bars. Not only did I go back to a vegetarian diet (Always felt guilty too) I also gained 20 pounds in a year. Now this is ridiculous to me. Sure I am a fat person by nature but I didn't work my ass off for years to get in shape and lose 55 pounds to gain back 20. So I must do something.


I have been trying for months but just can't seem to get a program that I can stick with. I have to go lower carb to lose weight, it is just my metabolism. What worked the best for me was a 40/40/20 plan. Really hard being a vegan unless you drink a lot of protein shakes. I would rather eat than drink for calories, so going to go with more like 45/35/20. I can do this just have to have one free day a week so I don't totally blow it.


Exercise has never been a problem, I have worked out for 27 years. Right now I am doing a 6 day split and 6 days 40 to 60 mins of low impact cardio, usually spinning, but dancing and walking too. I have to watch my shoulders right now, they are prone to injury, I can feel it and know if I don't really take good care while lifting I will be back with a major shoulder injury again, and it takes me so long to heel now that I am over 45.


Okay enough rambling here, I will post my program tomorrow. I did order the Thrive Diet so will use that too, but that could take a while to get here since I bought it off amazon.

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Okay, thank goodness Christmas is over, now on to 2010.


Workout plan


40 mins spinning

Weight Lifting - Legs and Butt (one more week of endurance training and then will kick it up)


Food plan



Tofu scramble (1/4 block tofu, peppers, tomatoes and onions), 1/2 cup oatmeal with a little soy milk.


Post workout drink

Plant protein, soy milk, flax seed, and mixed berries



1 cup split peas, garden salad, calorie free dressing


Mid afternoon snack

Orange, 1 TBS Nut butter on Celery



1 Cup black beans and assorted veggies steamed (no oil)



Roughly 1350 calories

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Yesterday was as pretty good day, feel better getting rid of the bloat from Christmas. Workout was good and food was in range.


Today will do 40 mins of cardio and Weight Lifting will be Chest and Back.


Going to keep my food about the same as yesterday, started with PB on WW toast this morning, so a little low on the protein but will catch up later on that.

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