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Need help with a diet for 1/2 marathon......


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I am planning on running my 1st 1/2 marathon in Oct 2010...

I would like some help on diet for training, I don't want to add any weight cause I have about 20lbs i need to lose but I don't want to sacrifice the energy to train either. Should I keep with moderate protein and carbs or should I eat higher carbs? Any runners out there....please let me know your tips and tricks...and of course my protein sources will always be soy/tofu...

Thanks again guys!

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Diet for half-marathon training: eat lots.


In my experience, carb-heavy works well. Don't skimp on the protein obviously, but this isn't a "1 gram per pound of body weight" protein diet you're going to need.


There are plenty of calorie calculators online that can give you an idea of how much energy you burn on each run; you just enter your body weight and speed/duration of your run. If you know how many calories you need to maintain your weight (whether you've ever calculated it, or just know how much food you usually eat), the next part is pretty simple. Add enough extra calories to cover your expenditure on your runs if you goal is to maintain body weight, or add less if your goal is to lose weight. So if weight loss is your main goal, you could stick with your usual maintenance diet, and each of those runs will bring you closer to your weight goal. I would never recommend restricting calories below maintenance if your goal is to train for a half-marathon...if I wasn't taking in carbs like a madman, I would feel it - and my performance suffered because of it.


My personal tip? Pasta is your friend. I stick to whole-grain, and like to make things like red lentil sauce rather than plain tomato sauce. But pasta is an easy, carb-rich way to get that fuel you need for your runs.


So I guess my summary would be:

1) DO NOT restrict calories to less than you ate when you were not running, and once your goal weight is met, up your calories to match what you're burning on a given day

2) It's not necessary to aim for a high ratio of protein:carbs


4) For any run lasting longer than an hour, I find it really useful to be taking in carbs while I run (in my drink, or as a bar/gel). For any run longer than two hours, this is unconditionally necessary.

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Eat lots and lots of fresh and delicious fruits. I find that I can never eat enough fruits. They just make me feel better, stronger, and more energetic. I no longer believe in "you need x amount of protein, x amount of fat, and x amount of carbs. If you consume enough calories from fruits and you consume enough fresh greens and vegetables, you ARE getting enough of everything. I find that on training days, say I workout in the morning, I tend to crave ALOT more food fruits and delicious vegetables.

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