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New to Vegetarianism: Nutrition and Working out

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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum.


Hey, I've finally decided to become a vegetarian and had a couple of questions. I'm currently 18 years old, 135 lbs., and about 5' 11". Just today I signed up for a gym because I really want to start building arm muscles and start getting my body into shape. I told my friends this and they said building muscles is impossible without eating meat. Is this true? What kind of foods should I be eating to make sure I don't get tired or exhausted when working out? I'm going to try to go to the gym every other day for at least an hour each time. This is going to be hard for me because I was basically raised on burgers and chicken, but I'm cutting all forms of meat out of my diet now. So what kind of foods should I eat to keep my body healthy while bulding arm muscle at the same time?


I'm also new to working out. What kind of exercises and machines should i be using at the gym to build my arm muscles? Any help is appreciated.

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Obviously meat isn't what it's cracked up to be if your only 135 pounds at 5'11''. If your that small odds are your a light eater and that's something that needs to change if your going to get big on any diet. Eat as much as you can of clean whole foods and have someone teach you compounds lifts and make a work out split. Remember Recovery is as important as the training , so eat big (but clean) sleep enough, and don't over train.

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