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How many days do you train per week?


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I have read that the body part you work on recovers in 48 hours but this makes little sense because each day your using your body even for daily chores.


I started to workout 3 days a week in the gym any benefits of increasing this to every day?


I stepped away from the gym for 15 years and got back into it about 2 months ago.


Feeling great just a side note I wasn't a couch potatoe before but mostly aerobic activity with push ups as the major body work out.


Arnold's body building classic book recommends each day.

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I try to train every muscle twice per week, with abs as the exception as I train them 6 days. Sometimes if I lift legs heavy and I'm really sore, I'll just wait until they've recovered a bit. I do cardio either the elliptical or stairmill or running 6 days whether or not I lift those daystoo.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences and routine.


What is normally your recovery time from a hard leg workout?


I basically do right now.


chest, upper back, abs


Shoulders, biceps, triceps,abs


Legs, abs


These are my 3 days in a row then I take a break until a week ans start again.


I am doing light intro weight then maximum weight low reps.


I am thinking of going each day any suggestions?


I do sprints with my dogs twice a day.

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I second that. Work everything twice a week. Have a heavy day and then have a high intensity day with lighter weight and with shorter rest periods.



Thanks I am thinking of doing it every day maybe 7th day off.



Thats usually what I do. Sundays I stay home.



Thanks for your input.


I wanted to take the first 2 months pretty easy after a 15 year absence but I believe I am ready to take it to the next level.


I will go to the gym tomorrow and start to take one day off a week.


I like working out for the ability to guage ones progress and the discipline one has to bring to the table.

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I have recently switched to working out with kettlebells exclusively and the results are amazing. I only have to do 2-3 20-30 min workouts a WEEK and am getting better results than I did with 5 days a week advanced level free weights and cardio. I will never go back. Check out these resources for info on kettlebells:





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yes-you guys HAVE to try kettlebells....truly, you do not have to work out more than 2-3 times a week, for 20-30 min unless you want to, AND will get better results than with free weight/cardio routines. I kid you not.


I work out at home with a 15 and 25 pound kettlebell, and just got a 35 pound bell yesterday. I use some really good dvds, here's where to find them:


dragondoor.com-I use the "goddess" workout by Andrea Ducane

ontheedgefitness.com-"The ultimate Bodysculpt and conditioning" workouts, 1 and 2

collagevideo.com-Amy Bento's "Kettlebell Dynamics"

artofstrength.com-"Newport" workout dvd


I use these 5 dvds, rotating through them. Lauren Brooks first one is a good one to start with, as is amy bentos. The Newport is super advanced, I've only just started a little with this one.


I bought the kettlebells at a local sporting goods store here in Michigan. They are not cheap..unfortunately. I have a very limited income, but I budgeting for all of this stuff because it is absolutely THE MOST effective workout in the world-not only because it gives you great abs and a great ass in minimal time-and burns fat like nothing else-but because it strengthens the core like NOTHING else and you will never do another sit up or crunch again.


This is rehabilitative because of how it develops the core strength-I've heard people say that it totally resolved chronic back and neck pain WHILE giving them great abs and a great ass....can't get better than that!



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By the way do people recommend only doing one exercise for abs per day?


I am currently alternating between leg raises 5 sets of and 25 reps. the other day incline sit ups 5 sets and 25 reps.


Any suggestions?


I am pretty lean around the area right now but would like more definition.

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I've heard of people who supplement with kettlebells, and still use free weight workouts for certain reasons, for sure. But after seeing the results that only 2-3 workouts a week provide, I just don't need to use free weights. I don't feel the same sense of accomplishment or deep core strength from using free weights, not to mention, I'm really enjoying the extra time I have now from not working out an hour a day, 4 days a week anymore. With KBs I am only working out 2-3 days for 30 min at a time for better results.


Of course, I still have to watch what I eat-kettlebells aren't THAT magical that I can eat like a pig and still get these results. But when I do eat well, the results are really stunning.


Have fun in that class. Another good thing about kettlebells is that once you learn the basics, you can just do your own moves in your own house-you don't even need a dvd. It really is like having a whole gym in your hand.


The dvd that I started with was Amy Bento's Kettlebell dynamics, but honestly, I think a really good one to start with would be Lauren Brooks Ultimate Bodysculpt and Conditioning, vol. 1, available at ontheedgefitness.com. Its an easy to do, but challenging, straight forward workout that introduces the moves in a really solid, yet effective, way.


Thanks for letting me share. I'm so excited about these!

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6 Days a week in the gym when it's not rugby season

During the Rugby Season, I train 3 days in the gym, 1 day Fitness for Rugby (Think boot camp on Steroids), 1 day Rugby Training (Sprints, drills, push ups, sit ups etc etc), then the game on Saturday, which is sort of a mix between, weights (tackling people and pushing them around), Sprints and boxing

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Thank you for sharing.


Can you build muscle mass on kettle balls or is it more for tone and conditiong?


Do you think it would be to much if you did the alternate days in a gym?


I've only messed around with kettlebells a few times, but to put it simply -


Just think of them as being like any regular dumbbell, but with the handle positioned differently, and nothing else. There's no more magic to them than doing dumbbell training, just that the handle position offers a few different (or, at least, easier) options for movements, but other than that, they're going to give the same result as they're the same thing. If you train heavy with lower reps, you can build strength and mass with them, but the more recent trend has been for conditioning purposes with higer rep stuff, so the bulk of people tend to gravitate toward them for conditioning over using them for building lots of size. Considering the terribly expensive prices on heavy KBs (not to mention, the really big ones look way more awkward than using a same-weight DB), there aren't many people who tend to venture to have KBs that go really heavy. Considering that I've seen sites selling a 48kg (106 lb.) KB for around $220 plus $70 shipping (apparently, they've yet to discover that you CAN fit many things of that size in a flat-rate postal box ), you're looking at $600 just for a pair if you built up the strength to make do with that kind of weight. Needless to say, most of us will stick with good 'ol DBs, but KBs are a fun diversion and definitely can kick your butt for conditioning. But, for standard training on most compound lifts, there's little need to use them specifically, as they don't really offer any major benefit for lower to moderate rep training programs revolving around compound lifts.

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