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How many days do you train per week?


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Thank you for sharing.


Can you build muscle mass on kettle balls or is it more for tone and conditiong?


Do you think it would be to much if you did the alternate days in a gym?


I've only messed around with kettlebells a few times, but to put it simply -


Just think of them as being like any regular dumbbell, but with the handle positioned differently, and nothing else. There's no more magic to them than doing dumbbell training, just that the handle position offers a few different (or, at least, easier) options for movements, but other than that, they're going to give the same result as they're the same thing. If you train heavy with lower reps, you can build strength and mass with them, but the more recent trend has been for conditioning purposes with higer rep stuff, so the bulk of people tend to gravitate toward them for conditioning over using them for building lots of size. Considering the terribly expensive prices on heavy KBs (not to mention, the really big ones look way more awkward than using a same-weight DB), there aren't many people who tend to venture to have KBs that go really heavy. Considering that I've seen sites selling a 48kg (106 lb.) KB for around $220 plus $70 shipping (apparently, they've yet to discover that you CAN fit many things of that size in a flat-rate postal box ), you're looking at $600 just for a pair if you built up the strength to make do with that kind of weight. Needless to say, most of us will stick with good 'ol DBs, but KBs are a fun diversion and definitely can kick your butt for conditioning. But, for standard training on most compound lifts, there's little need to use them specifically, as they don't really offer any major benefit for lower to moderate rep training programs revolving around compound lifts.




VE your a smart person I was thinking the same things.


Thanks for your valueable input.


Take Care,

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