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Anyone read the engine2 diet?

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YES! That book is awesome. Rip Esselstyn is a paragon. That book convinced me to give up dairy and eggs. It's not just a "how to" or a "diet book". It's a case study that he performed in his department and in his community with the assistance of his PhD (I think) father.


And he does have some great recipes. Many of them are basic no brainers, but some of them are much more interesting and delicious.

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I dont know about all those diets out there. The only diet that I believe is right for us is the raw diet, possibly raw vegan (because meat, dairy, and eggs aren't natural to us).


Like, didn't humans evolve around the equator where fruit and vegetable vegetation was enourmous? And it is very agreeable these days that fruit and vegetables are healthy. I'd prefer to say that a diet rich in fresh organic fruits and vegetables is good enough..

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The raw diet makes little to no sense from an evolutionary perspective. Using a evolutionary perspective to find the optimal diet also makes little to no sense.

True and true, but people will still try and debate both until the end of time...


Yes, it is a bit like arguing with bible thumpers. You can huff, puff, argue until you are blue in the face and maybe help 1 - 2 people. Then 10 more will take their place. It is too exhausting. If people insist on being ignorant that is their problem. Anytime they pull their heads out of the rears, they can find and read legitimate references.

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