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Where are you sore today?


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BACK.....but unfortunately has nothing to do with exercise


Sorry to hear that Joss. What happend?


Thanks for asking xCx


I fractured one of my vertebrae (T3) when I was 15 - problem was at the time the break didn't show due to a dodgy xray and it wasn't rehabilitated properly for years until a second xray confirmed the break. Anyway, I still suffer alot b/c it wasn't rehabilitated properly. However, it could've been worse and there are alot of people out there with injuries far greater than mine, so in that regard I do count myself lucky.

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Lyric is hilarious. That avatar get's me every time too! How clever for this site. Anyway, I laughed reading just "yes". Reminds me of a friend.


I am sore everywhere! Been working out a ton lately. I just did my first squat work out in a veeeery long time yesterday, so you can believe my ass quads and hami's are sore, calves too! Been doing some ab workouts from either heaven or hell too, and that soreness feels great.

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Son, my legs are not responding to normal impulses sent from my brain today. I did many squats yesterday (just bodyweight), more than I've ever done before. Now I am feeling it, though it doesn't really hurt, just feels really heavy and weak

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