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Looking for guidance!


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Here it goes! Ive been vegan-vegetarian off and on since 2004; have been trying to stay mostly raw vegan since November 2008 and have now been 100% vegan (including NO sugar or processed foods) since Boxing Day 2009. I`ve had gym memberships all of my life; have a huge collection of home DVDs for exercising; run half marathons and am generally an active person. Having said that:


I`ve now decided that (as Im about to have yet another birthday) I finally want to shed these extra pounds and get myself into bikini model shape! This coming from someone who has been struggling with her weight since childhood. I`ve been doing great since Boxing Day which was when I committed to this transformation.


Ive been working out regularly, tracking my food consumption and have managed to drop 3% body fat in the process. The weight has not changed, but I understand that this does happen sometimes.


I`m looking for a HIT program for women as most seem to be geared towards men - and for any advice and-or support that I can get in being 100% vegan and wanting to shed at least 30-40 lbs while blasting away the fat and building muscle.


Thanks a bunch!

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