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What is a vegan alternative to greek yogurt??

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Greek yogurt is the absolute last vestige of non-vegan foods in my diet, but I'm having a hard time getting rid of it. For around $3 per container, I get 46g of high quality protein that isn't a powder but an actual food (I'm not anti-powders, but I believe pretty strongly that 1 shake a day is enough and the rest of the time whole foods should be consumed). I need to get this cruel food out of my diet for GOOD.


I already have what I consider to be too much soy protein in my diet. I've made my own soy yogurt in times past, and would nevertheless still be willing to make soy "greek" yogurt if that is possible and economical. Does anyone have experience with that? I'd just have to do some shuffling to remove soy in my diet elsewhere I guess.

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Yea that's a great idea I've considered that, especially because my soy yogurt comes out just a little on the liquidy side. Have you done this before? I know it will work, but I'm just thinking about cost. I'm always surprised at how little regular yogurt comes of a half-gallon of soymilk. If I drained enough liquid from it to make it the consistency (and in turn, protein content hopefully!) of greek yogurt, I'm worried I'd be left with very little "greek" yogurt for the expenditure.


Does anyone have experience with this?

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