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Has any one (ladies) tried Tosca Reno's eating clean?


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I saw her book and noticed that it had a vegan menu plan, has anyone tried it before? it seems worth a try.

I want to compete this year, but think my current diet may be holding me back. not sure it's enough and am afraid my body is in starvation mode at the gym storing more fat. but then again, I am nervous to deviate from it and gain weight. any thoughts on either would be great. (my current plan is in my journal).

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really? it was something I skimmed over in a book on bodybuilding the other day at the bookstore.(more than welcome to you filling me in on it though, I'm no expert! ) I feel like I should change what I'm eating but have no clue where to start. I don't think I should be eating less, but I'm not really sure. I also feel like I don't know how I could eat any cleaner. The one thing I'd like to do is stop eating so much processed ready made vegan foods. (think faux meats)


Maybe It's more of a calorie deficit than a "starvation mode"


by the way, I posted that paper in case you didn't see it.

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Yeah it's a common myth within the bodybuilding community.

If you post your current diet, your current stats (weight, approx bodyfat), your goals (you say you want to compete this year, are we talking bodybuilding? when this year? etc) I would be happy to try and help.


I completely missed your paper. I will try and find it here, or can you perhaps give me a link? =)

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This is my typical daily diet. I usually don’t stray too much from this. I will PM you something as well that might give you a better idea of my regular diet.



meal 1- Protein smoothie- 2 servings rice protein (nutrabiotic brand), 1 cup low sugar (unsweetened) chocolate soy milk, half banana, 1tbs peanut butter


meal 2- ¼ cup oats w/12 almonds, nitrofusion smoothie (water, ice, mixed berries). usually just nitrofusion and water though.


Meal 3- 1 head romaine, 1 avacodo, 1 gardein* cutlet, and an Ezekiel sprouted wrap and some other veggie serving.


Meal 4- cliffbuilder bar (on days I lift, twice a week and only legs). If it is a cardio day I usually have an apple and 12 almonds or 1tbs peanut butter and an apple.


Meal 5 1 head romaine, 1 avacodo, 1 gardein cutlet


I drink lots of water and hot tea, and occasionally coffee.


*Gardein cutlet 150 cal. Carbohydrate 11g protein 22g


My stats:


5’8”, approx 135 lbs. I’m really not too sure on my bf % maybe around 20% (I want to see a trainer at my gym to get this done, I’ll let you know what they say)


I’m interested in competing figure and fitness model (my main interest). My biggest thing is trying to get cut; to get some visible separation. I have some photos posted in your thread “your shape today” and in my journal if that helps at all.

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