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Are Plant and Animal Proteins Equal?

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All whole plant foods contain every essential amino acid. There's a myth that plant foods are missing a couple essential amino and that is not true. some are lower in certain amino acids then animal foods. Most would say plant protein are inferior and i would say i haven't notice a difference either way

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Your question is phrased very weird. Plant proteins are inferior when it comes to some aspects like stimulating muscle protein synthesis and bioavailability which mainly is an "issue" for athletes. For a random person this won't have much/any influence on that dudes health.

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IMO, plants serve their purpose for the essentials we need for hormones, and vitamins. Animals which I do not even want to think about as a food source has it's purpose in their environment. The legumes mixed with starches like rice serves as the best source of protein for muscle growth and cell oxidation. It can be difficult to wolf down a pound of protein per pound of body weight but according to some bodybuilders (Mike Mentzer), the body does not require a lot of protein to grow muscle tissue (Muscles are mainly water). So far as being equal, I would have to say no.


I wish you success!

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As far as protein and especially b12 are concerned, there is no better source.

From Healing with Whole Foods; Third Edition (an AMAZING resource: ISBN-13: 978-1-55643-430-3)


Food / Protein % by weight / (b-12 in micrograms per 100g serving)

milk / 3 / (.4)

eggs / 3 / (1)

fowl / 16-24 / (.5)

beef / 17-21 / (2)

beef heart / 20 / (11)

chicken liver / 21 / (23)

tuna / 29 / (2)


Kelp / 16 / (4)

Dulse / 22 / (7-13)

nori / 35 / (12-70)

Chlorella / 55 / (25+)

Spirulina / 68 / (40+)

wild blue-green algae / 60 / (40+)


Almonds / 19 / (-)

Sunflower seeds / 24 / (-)

lentils / 25 / (-)

Soybeans / 35 / (-)

Tofu / 8 / (-)

Tempeh / 20 / (trace amt)

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