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Cutting Science (My Training Log)

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I have been lifting for about 2 years now as a meat eater and now that I see the tremendous health benefits a vegan lifestyle can provide it's time to get serious with building a fit body.



SQUATS (5x5 Moderate to Heavy Weight)

BENCH PRESS (5x5 Moderate to Heavy Weight)

REVERSE DUMBBELL RAISES (5x5 Light to Medium Weight)



SQUATS (5x5 Moderate to Heavy Weight)

BARBELL BACK ROWS (5x5 Moderate Weight)

DEADLIFTS (5x5 Moderate to Heavy Weight)



SQUATS (5x5 Moderate to Heavy Weight)

ISOLATED BARBELL CURLS (5x10 Light to Moderate Weight)

MILTARY PRESS (5x10 Light to Moderate Weight)


*Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday (Rest and Eat)




Peanut Butter (Organic)


Green Veggies

Colored Veggies



Oatmeal (My favorite)

Fiber One Bars

Rice (Brown, Wild, White)

Beans (All types)

100% Fruit Juice

Water (My second favorite)

Bread (All types)

Cereals (All types) I love cereal!

Soy Milk (Vanilla is good for the tummy!)

Rice Milk

Veggie patties

Pasta (Must have)

Tomato sauces (All kinds)


I eat when I get the urge and I ensure not to overeat.

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Hi James!


Since transitioning to vegan 3 months ago…I no longer eat honey… I switched to agave nectar (100% pure sweetener) I use in my hot & cold cereals & hot tea… Maybe you can give it a try!


Taking a look at it now thanks!

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Hey man welcome I like your routine, simple and has the best strength exercises in there


Thanks! I try to go straight to the large muscle groups because they release the growth hormones and they also require the most calories to heal. I LOVE EATING LOL, so I impact the larger groups so I can consume more food (I know this sounds crazy but it works well for me ) I am looking forward to hearing more from you!

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