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Rob's Firefighter Challenge

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Well, we got to Crossfit and no coach was there and the doors were locked. So about 9:20 we started devising our own workout. We were going to do sprints, tire flips, and boulder deadlifts, since those were the things outside. After we ran our first 400 M, the owner showed up and let us in. His wife was scheduled to coach today, but they forgot since she was packing to leave for Ohio. Kinda funny. He thought it was awesome that we were going to do our own WOD instead of just going home.


Warm up:

Run 400 M

2 min shoulder mobility per arm

10 empty bar push press

10 empty bar front squats




Wallball shots (20 lb)

Toes to bar


Time - 7:02


My toes to bar were complete crap. I got like 4, and after that I just rocked back and threw my knees up. Stuff on the bar is always very difficult for me.

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At work.


Bench Press:

135 x 5

155 x 5

185 x 3

200 x 2 (not counting it as new 1RM, had some assistance with both reps)


This isn't really anything to take note of, but I wanted to record it for future reference.


Saving myself for tomorrow's push press WOD.

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Warm up:

10 air squats

10 push-up knee-up

10 GHD sit ups

10 empty bar press

10 empty bar push press



Push Press (find 3RM)

65 x 5

85 x 5

95 x 5

115 x 5

135 x 3

145 x 3 (PR)


7 min AMRAP

3 Push Press (70% of 3RM = 100 lbs)

20 mountain climbers (right + left = 1 rep)


Rounds - 6 (may have been 7...I lost count. I'm gonna go with 6 though to be safe, and give me something to work towards next time)

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Warm up:

Shoulder, lat, hip & quad mobility




In 15 min do 4 sets of AMRAP ring dips with smallest resistance (assistance) band possible

I didn't stick to the 4 sets thing, my best with the purple (Smallest band) was 8 dips. My best with the red (second smallest band) was 10 dips.


Warm up Thrusters

45 x 10

65 x 5

85 x 5

105 x 3


"Death by Thrusters"

With a running clock, do 1 thruster the first minute, two the second minute, three the third and so on until you can't complete the target number in that minute.


I used 105 lbs

1st minute - 1

2nd minute - 2

3rd minute - 3

4th minute - 4

5th minute - 5

6th minute - 6

7th minute - 6


For the 7th rep in the 7th minute, I just couldn't get it over my head in time and the clock ran out so I stopped.

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that wod sounds fun, but I can say that since I didn't actually have to do it.


Yeah it was cool...Most people hate thrusters. I like them...I just wish I could do more. Not getting that 7th rep really did piss me off. I'm not sure what appeals to me the most about them. Maybe just that its a compound lift, so its feels more "hardcore".

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Warm up:

5 min calf/ankle mobility

10 tuck jumps

10 double unders

10 walking lunges w/ torso twist

10 SDHP w/ PVC

5 SDHP @ 65 lbs

5 SDHP @ 85 lbs



5 rounds for time -

5 pull ups (used blue band)

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (105 lbs)

45 Single under jump ropes


Time - 10:00

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Warm up:

2 sets of -

5 inch worm push ups

10 abmat sit ups



20 rounds of Curtis P for time-

1 Hang squat clean

1 right lunge

1 left lunge

1 push press


I used 75 lbs. Rx was 95. I went light today because my right knee has been bothering me lately and the more weight I tried prior to the WOD made it painful. I think there's something going on with my meniscus.


Time - 8:10

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BW: 207 lbs


Warm up:

3 min shoulder/lat mobility per side

10 slow steady 6 count burpees with pushup

review and warm up thrusters




65 x 5

85 x 5 (I think I pulled or strained something in my neck on this set)

95 x 5

105 x 3

115 x 3

125 x 3

135 x 3 (PR I think)


3 rounds for total time:

10 Thrusters (85 lbs)

10 pull ups (used various assistance bands)

Rest 60 secs between rounds


Time - 9:29 I think, can't remember. It was a terrible time. I was having an extremely hard time with the pull ups. Anything involving that damn bar is my achilles heel. Definitely my worst area. Can't do them for shit, and it almost seems like I'm getting worse at them.

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Doing the CrossFit Level 1 Instructor cert this weekend.


Warm up:

It was all day really...




I scaled the shit out of this because I'd never done it before (per the advice of the seminar leader)

21 Thrusters (65 lbs)

21 Pull ups (jumping)

15 Thrusters (65 lbs)

15 Pull ups (jumping)

9 Thrusters (65 lbs)

9 Pull ups (jumping)


Time - 5:35


Even scaled so much, this was fucking killer. Now I know why everyone dreads Fran, and why she is the subject of so many T-Shirts. I'll do a higher weight at least next time. The 65 lbs was very easy to throw up over my head. I felt like I barely had to hold on to the barbell.

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It went well, thanks for asking. I passed with a 39 out of 45 on the written test.




Day 2 of the Level 1 Instructor cert


Group WOD:

4 person team relay

AMRAP 8 minutes


100 M sprint while other team members do the following until tagged -

55 lb Kettle bell swings

Hand release push ups

20" box jumps


Our team got a total of 572 reps, the sprint doesn't count for reps




So I was looking through recent WODs and decided to post a kind of benchmark for my RMs on some of the major lifts...


Bench Press - 195 lbs - 1 RM - 06/03/2011

Back Squat - ??????

Front Squat - 165 lbs - 1 RM - 05/26/2011

Overhead Squat - 95 lbs - 3 RM - 06/01/2011

Push Press - 145 lbs - 3 RM - 06/13/2011

Thruster - 135 lbs - 3 RM - 06/13/2011

Deadlift - ??????

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I learned a lot.


I hate sitting in lectures, so those parts were rough for me. But I'm glad we got to break it up by getting into groups to perform the movements that were discussed.


I'm glad I got to try out Fran, but I kinda wish it had been first thing, not late in the afternoon. I was more exhausted from sitting there all day than I would have been from the WOD.


The seminar staff were very nice and knowledgeable. I was impressed by their caliber (One of them was a co-owner of our box). They were all very helpful.


The nutrition lecture was difficult to pay attention to, it bored me to frustration.


I think it's odd that I can teach a muscle up progression, but I can't even come close to doing one.


I felt like the chair that I was sitting in could have passed the written test, but apparently several people failed, so I guess I can't really say it was "easy" without sounding like an asshole.


Overall it was a great experience!

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i was just curious to see what your experience was. overall I am glad it was good. I also had trouble with the nutri lectures.

the only drawback is they throw so much info at you in such a short period of time it is hard to retain all of it. maybe not so much the level 1 but def the endurance cert i went too.

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Warm up:

2 rounds of -

5 burpees

10 pvc shoulder passes

10 push ups

10 sit ups


Warm up Push Press

45 x 5

65 x 5

85 x 5



5 rounds for time -

Push Press 85 lbs x 10

Box Jumps 24" x 20

Time - 9:45


Should have gone heavier on the Push Press. 90 or 95. But the ambulance kicked my ass last night so this morning at the WOD I had neither the energy nor the confidence. But in hindsight, I could have done it.

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BW: 209 lbs




21 Squat Cleans @ 100 lbs

21 Ring dips (blue band)

15 Squat Cleans @ 95 lbs

15 Ring dips (blue band)

9 Squat Cleans @ 95 lbs

9 Ring dips (blue band)

Time - 16:00


This was an ass kicker. Last time I did Elizabeth was in March, and I used 85 lbs and a bigger (green) band for ring dips assistance, and my time was 11:54. This time when the 15's round came along, I had to drop 5 lbs off the bar, and was amazed at how much difference it made. Wish I hadn't had to do that though. Not too glad that it took me 5 min longer than last time either, but it was more weight, so I guess I have to compromise.


Afterwards we did max height box jump. I got 33" and didn't try any higher than that.

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